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Today’s new years shopping

December 30, 2013
Very much unlike me, I have completely forgotten about my new years outfit, even though lists have been made and blog posts with links prepared. I had picked out the perfect, minimalistic, white sequin dress, but actually ordering it slipped my mind. Great! So today I had to venture out in the hunt for my new years outfit and I’m not kidding you guys, the amount of people shopping in Copenhagen today, had tripled. I waited in line for about 20 minutes in Topshop, only to buy the black patent leather skirt above. In H&M I couldn’t resist adding the lime green fur shoulder warmer to my collection of oddly colored fur things, and since my outfit plan is to go all white I also got the white leather skirt above from Episode. Lastly, I grabbed a nail polish from Max Factor and an eyeshadow from Maybelline, both in the color Snow White. I’ll see if I have time to snap some outfit photos before leaving tomorrow!

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