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Saline Simon

Yellow hair

September 3, 2013

I recently changed up my hair and in the need of something new I went yellow!
This is a perfect color for fall, I’ve already had so much fun with it, so my plans of going neon lime green will have to wait for a while. Also the three winners of my giveaway was announced in the video down below â™¥


Saline Simon

Three braided hairstyles

August 25, 2013

I finally got around to film my braided hair tutorial – I love braids that are simple and easy to do, and that’s really what this video is about! Also this lovely blogger featured my video on her (pink!) blog, so a big thank you for that â™¥

Saline Simon

Photo diary of my first week in Copenhagen

August 25, 2013
The first week here in Copenhagen has passed – I’ve been hanging out with new an old friends and been out on adventures trying to explore the city, finding my way around is getting a lot easier! I’ve been at Ungdomshuset with Maja, had a very tired movienight with Alex watching Coffee & Cigarettes and on friday Lars made me the yummiest potatoburger to cure my hangovers. I’m currently in bed with a new hangover after yesterdays shenanigans 🙁 I just never learn, huh?
Saline Simon

Summer outfits & giveaway winner

August 3, 2013
I finally got around to announce the winner of my giveawaaaay! Exciting! Hopefully it wont be too long until my next giveaway. I also included two lovely romwe outfits so the video wouldn’t be too boring. Oh and you can see what I meant about my new shoes not being able to close properly 🙁 
Saline Simon

DIY barbie vest & outfit of the day

July 13, 2013
eBay earrings – DIY barbie vest – second hand shirt – romwe skirt

I have been working on this vest for a while whenever I was bored and I’m really pleased with the result! It’s perfect for spring and summer and to spice up boring outfits, and DIY projects like these are fun to do because you make personal items that only you have. I’ve also been wearing my hair in braids a lot lately like I seem to do every summer, so I will have a new video up about it next week â™¥