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Lanzarote Photodiary

March 21, 2016
Kenneth and I just came back from one week on Lanzarote, Canary Islands, which is probably the prettiest place I have ever been in my entire life. Also, it was our first holiday together, so that probably added to the magical feeling as well haha. As you guys know we live in Scandinavia and the winters here are long and cold. It was the perfect time to get away just before spring kicks in here. We had around 21-23 degrees most days and were able to tan, swim in the ocean and wear lighter clothes.
We stayed at Blue Sea Hotel in Puerto del Carmen. The hotel was in the older part of town, but only a twenty minute stroll to the newer part of town with restaurants, bars, and shopping all located on the beachfront. We also spent a day in the capital Arrecife and two days in Playa Blanca (which is literally Paradise on earth) swimming in the crystal clear water and chilling on the golden sand. I can definitely imagine going back to Lanzarote and the Canary Islands again some day. However our next trip is to Gumbet, Turkey in September with Kenneth’s family and I’m very excited about that too.
I’m off from work today, so just wanted to check in and share these photos with you guys. Gonna have a look at the video clips i filmed during the holiday and see if it’s worth anything. Much love! ?
Saline Simon

Nürnberg photodiary

January 22, 2014
Starting the year off with nine days in Bayern was pretty much perfect for me. I haven’t been travelling since my trip to London in 2012, so it was wonderful to get a change of scenes. From monday to friday I stayed with Yami Maya and on friday I went on a one day trip to beautiful Munich with my boyfriend and two of his friends. I sort of fell in love with that city – the mixture of strip clubs, casinos and neon lights in contrast to Bavarian churches and old architecture seemed perfect to me and we had a beautiful view from our hotel room as shown on the last picture. On friday night we went out for dinner and I had one of the best pizzas in my life (which says a lot!) in the mediterranian resturant of Marriott Courtyard before having a party in our hotel room. My grey faux fur coat, oversized floppy hat and vanilla macchiatos have been three essentials for me during this trip, perfect for the rainy, semi-cold weather. Next stop is Berlin or Amsterdam!
Saline Simon

Baby turns blue

January 16, 2014
Today we officially filmed our first video together after going a bit crazy with my new curling wand. It’s been more than three months without doing videos for both of us so I think we both felt a little rusty, but I finally got around to actually testing my new camera’s video function for real. I have a feeling it’ll work out kind of amazing in daylight. Tomorrow Ryan is coming back and then we’ll head to Munich on friday with two of his friends – and I really, really need to step up my outfit posts!
Saline Simon


July 12, 2012
I’m sorry, I’m sorry I am aware that I’ve been home from London one week today, but I honestly have no excuses as to why this has only been posted now. Boo. So as a first time visiter in England there were a few things I simply just had to try, for example my first fish & chips, my first Skittles and also my first real Starbucks in Selfridges. The first thing I noticed after arriving in London was how beautiful and much more detailed and special all the houses were, here in Denmark most houses look very boring, but the architecture in London was so fascinating. We went to a Combichrist concert at the Electric Ballroom and had a nice first night out in London, we also went to a barbecue on my birthday and the day before I left we spent most of the night at a bar called Tranny Shack, I’ve never been in a place with so many men in dresses, long hair and drag queens performing. It was amusing. 
All in all I had a wonderful week visiting my friends Michael and Sphirex and I’m planning on going back sometime next year. I also posted three video diaries of my time there on my youtube channel so if you feel like watching more, feel free to go have a look 🙂
Saline Simon

Sunday inspiration.

October 16, 2011
So I know this is a little off season, but my brother told me at the dinner table that he’s going to Majorca with his school next week and suddenly the feeling of ”UGGHH” stumbled upon me. I went online and starting looking for travels and I think that if I can find something nice and cheap I wanna go somewhere sunny, beautiful and hot in a couple of months. I haven’t travelled since last year when I went to Greece and after that I’ve been kinda hooked on travelling. So I’ve just spend the past few hours looking at lovely summerpictures, dreaming about me sitting on a beach with light blue water infront of me, a pink drink in my hand, wearing my cateyesunnies and reading all the books I never have time to read.