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10 Christmas favorites

December 11, 2013
Scented candles with deep, yummy scents of vanilla and chocolate. I’m loving the Tindra collection from IKEA. They’ve been burning in my room for almost two weeks and the smell never get’s old or overwhelming. The cream colored one smells like waffles and vanilla ice cream, and I definitely need to restock soon.

I can’t get enough of big, fluffy, faux fur pillows to cuddle up with while watching movies or reading blogs, it adds such a warm and cozy feeling to the room and helps you stay hot too. I bought a big pillow similar to the white one in IKEA and the colorful ones I found at Amazon.

Hot chocolate, lot’s of it. It’s really an essential for me during christmas time and I love how you can make it your own. Some favorite ingredients of mine: soy milk or almond milk, vanilla ice cream, cinnamon, chopped chocolate either white or very dark to sprinkle on top and even served with belgium waffle sticks on the side. Yum!

Christmas gift shopping! It’s a perfect way of getting in the right christmas mood. I’ve personally been doing a lot of my gift shopping online this year (you’re free from the hazzle of screaming children, too many people in the stores and having to walk around looking for just the right thing + you can sit inside with your fluffy fur pillows and drink hot chocolate!)

Allowing yourself to watch at least a few of your favorite holiday movies. Mine includes The Grinch, all the Home Alone movies and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Playing around in the magical first snow that, if you’re lucky, sometimes fall in december. Winter wonderlands are amazing and even though getting hit by a snowball – yes this actually almost happened to my friends and I this weekend – going for a long walk and getting lost in the snow will always be an amazing thing.

Baking beautiful christmas treats, cakes and goodies. Christmas is the one time of year where I really allow myself to eat too many sweets and I’ve found a few really lovely vegan recipes that I’m going to try out. My littlebrother will be visiting next week before going on the grand family visiting tour, so I’m going to wait until next week with going bakery crazy. I’ll be sure to post the recipes that I like on my blog.


Making the perfect playlist with all your favorite christmas and holiday songs to play for you and your family on christmas eve and the days before and after. If you’re too lazy or don’t have time to make your own, there are a ton of nice on already on youtube. Here’s one paired with a fireplace video. Doesn’t get much better than that, huh?

The perfect sweater. There is nothing better to wear in christmas time, and a sweater can do so many things. No matter if they’re thick knitted, ripped, lavender or any chocolate/earth/cinnamon color or even raindeer printed, this is a must have for me. They don’t even have to be ugly and christmas like.. But they can be. All sweaters picked at and

Ah, the final, but not to be forgotten thing on my list – glögg. Also called mulled wine in english, is mostly, I think, a nordic christmas tradition that I remember drinking in both Germany, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It’s made by redwine, different spices and raisins and you drink it hot in the winter months! Everyone make it differently, and there’s a ton of other ingredients you can add to make it more personal. I just need this for christmas, it kinda completes this whole month. Have any of you guys tried it? And what are some of your christmas favorites?

Saline Simon

Real life sexy sweaters – sweaters with realistic photos

September 10, 2013
Do you guys remember my old posts about sexy sweaters back in 2011 when the tumblr trend really took off and everyone was obsessing over sweaters with real pictures? Well, it never really became a thing in real life, but I recently discovered an amazing online store with a ton of different sweaters like the ones Sexy Sweaters made a few years back. I instantly fell in love with a bunch of their items and just thought I would share it with you as well. I picked out my favorites above, but you can click here to check out more.

Would you wear some of these this fall? I’m craving the pearl sweater!

Saline Simon

Sexy sweaters.

November 4, 2011

So as promised I found out where all these lovely sweaters are from. I love how weird fashion can be, and this is a pretty good example. Two bloggers started making these sweaters in photoshop and gained so much attention since a lot of people love weird print and fashion statements. It has been promised that these sweaters will in fact be available for purchase sometime soon and I know I’m definitely gonna get some. Here are a few more of my favorites but get your drooling on and check out the rest of the sweaters right HERE
Saline Simon

Sweaters with real picture print.

October 25, 2011

I have seen more and more of these cool sweaters on tumblr and it’s such a good idea to use real pictures on sweaters. A few people have asked me where to get them or at least something like it, and after researching a bit with no good results I’m turning to you. The last few times I’ve been obsessed with something, someone on this blog always knew where to get it. It is rather annoying that where the brand should be someone drew it over with black.But if anyone know where to get something like this, please contact me or comment this post!