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Mama said there’ll be days like this

September 29, 2014
H&M hat – Nelly faux fur vest – Vintage jumpsuit – thrifted belt – thrifted bag – Nelly heels – Holy Malice sunnies
Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well! Earlier in September while visiting my grandmother in southern Jutland where I’m from we went to this unexpectedly amazing secondhand shop were I found so many treasures. Amongst these treasures were this jumpsuit that I assume is handmade and that is also one of my favorite secondhand finds of all time. The feel of it, from the clashing fabrics to the flowy legs, is perfect for fall. Paired with a big floppy hat, a belt and some kind of faux fur – it really is a perfect fall outfit for me. I’m going back to visit her again next week, so another trip to the secondhand shop has already been planned. The month of October is gonna be crazy busy for me, but hopefully I should be back with another outfit soon.
All photos shot by my fabulous friend and photographer Rebecca Bregnum.
Saline Simon

Malibu Barbie Part II

May 9, 2014
Vagabond shoes – vintage nightgown from Mie Maja’s great grandmother – DIY necklace – DIY glitter sunnies – 80’s Mickey Mouse scarf from Mie Maja’s childhood – 
DIY glitter bag – 60’s magazines – The cat, Frk. Nilsson
Part two of the Malibu Barbie shoot we did in Mie Maja’s new apartment this week. Love the dreamy sorroundings. The bed has little, fluffy clouds, lights and a dreamcatcher. So excited about staying there and having the place to myself from monday and almost a week forward – it’s gonna feel like a complete princess vacation. Also getting excited about raiding her wardrobe and making daily outfit posts for you guys. You will die when you see all the treasures there is! ♥ 
Saline Simon

Malibu Barbie Part I

May 7, 2014

Secondhand scarf – secondhand sunnies – H&M earrings – gifted necklace – secondhand swimsuit

What a grey day after a cozy sleepover at my fabulous friend Mie Maja’s new apartment turned into. Malibu Barbie vibes, exotic flowers and a bathtub photoshoot. I fell in love with this secondhand swimsuit. Even though it was a bit too big, we decided to just go with it and make it look like I have actual boobs, which felt both strangely unnatural and looked surprisingly good at the same time. Everything used in these photos are Mie Maja’s.

Next week I am moving into her apartment while she’s away, to take care of her kitty, water her plants, take long baths and enjoy the sun on her princess balcony. I will also be raiding her fabulous wardrobe and create daily outfit posts for you guys while staying there. Might also be guesting her blog but updates will follow. Part two of this Malibu Barbie shoot will be up soon, so keep an eye out and sorry for being away for a while – lot’s of fun stuff coming shortly! xo

Saline Simon

Outfit | Bad girls do it well

April 10, 2014
H&M hat – eBay Jeremy Scott inspired twopiece – vintage shirt – secondhand shoes – Holy Malice sunnies – mixed rings
My love for this Jeremy Scott-inspired two piece will probably never die. It’s kinda perfect for that typical danish spring weather where it’s neither hot or cold and it works great on it’s own or paired with either a sheer black or solid white oversized shirt. The hat was given to me on a night out to a jazz concert – this really stoned guy insisted on giving it to me because he believed it was made for me. I kinda hate hats like these. Weirdly enough, I’ve been wearing it for days now.

Photos by Rebecca Bregnum

Saline Simon

Outfit | Undercover

January 9, 2014

H&M hat – Holy Malice sunnies – second hand faux fur – second hand shirt – Rose Wholesale skirt – Rose Wholesale bag – old boots 

Running erands on no sleep, literally, sometimes feel a lot easier with a little disguise. The weather is windy and wet today so my floppy hat and sunnies don’t just hide my face from the world, but also protects me from mother nature. The sidebraid is both practical for the weather situation and for hiding how bad my extensions need a trim, which I will hopefully be able to do tonight before leaving for Germany tomorrow! I’ll be away for nine days, so lot’s of outfit posts from beautiful Nürnberg will follow. The skirt and bag are both new and worked so well for this comfy-no-sleep-running-erands-in-disquise-look, while the boots have been a staple winter item in my wardrobe for around ten years soon. These pictures (and many more to come) was taken by my wonderful friend and photographer Rebecca Bregnum. How is the weather where you guys live?