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Saline Simon

Roskilde Festival photodiary

July 7, 2013
A few highlights of my week at Roskilde Festival – it’s been so crazy and I met so many wonderful people, even some read my blog, so hi to you! I also took some pictures with disposable cameras, so I’ll put them on the blog when I get them. Tomorrow I’ll do a Roskilde-vlog and explain much more about it, so feel free to watch it if you want to know more ♥
Oh one question – what do you guys want to see more of on the blog? 
Saline Simon

Sunday relaxation

July 7, 2013
I’m back from Roskilde Festival! Came back yesterday two days early, but one week of trash, noise and partying was more than enough for me. I’ve just been enjoying hot showers, clean sorroundings, shamelessly wearing my hair in a bun, no makeup, soft pillows and sleeping in my own bed. I also have no plans for today besides listening to Billie Holiday and reading magazines haha. In a minute I’ll upload a photodiary of my festival week and tomorrow I’m gonna make a vlog + a liitle something exciting!
Here’s a little music that I’m loving today –
Saline Simon

My festival check-list (what to bring)

June 27, 2013
Two days left until I leave for Roskilde Festival and here’s my suitcase so far. Tomorrow I’ll go shopping for the last stuff – the list is endless, but I want to share my check list with you guys, it’s all just things to make my trip a little easier.
Sleeping bag
Credit card
Phone and charger
Hand sanitizer
Scented washcloths
A towel
Makeup tissues
Disposable razors
Large waterbottle
Chewing gum
Dry shampoo
Hairbands and bobbypins
Belt bag
Disposable camera
Digital camera
Small mirror
Comfy clothes
Warm clothes
Clean underwear
A jacket
Tights and leggins
Dark bread
Hummus and peanuttbutter
I think that’s all and I know it seems crazy, but I’d rather bring too much than too little and miss something when I get there. Feel free to add more essentials ♥