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Hair Inspiration Saline Simon

Chloe Nørgaard model love

February 19, 2015
Goodness me, it’s been so long since I did one of these model love posts, but lately I’m returning to my blog-roots and that feels really good. One model that I could absolutely never miss on the blog – and who’s been on here before – is the fabulously colorful Chloe Nørgaard. Half American, half Danish (woohoo, proud Dane here!) she grew up in the states and became a tumblr style icon a few years back when she dyed her hair blue and everybody kinda went crazy. In interviews she seems like the most chill girl to be around and generally just like a creative and free spirit. Oh, and how could you not be happy when looking at such a colorful person? I definitely find it hard to stay blonde for a little while longer and not go My Little Pony on my hair.
Stalk her on instagram right here. 
Inspiration Saline Simon

Monday inspiration

February 16, 2015
I think we can all use a little inspiration to get our butts in gear on these sometimes awful monday mornings, so I think I’m gonna make this a weekly thing starting now. Personally I’m kicking off this week with a 12 hour work day. Let’s go.
This week I’m mesmerized by albinism in humans and animals. I find the lack of pigment amazingly beautiful and I’m more than tempted to grab a bowl of bleach and bleach my eyelashes too. Also fairytale makeup, unpredictable pops of color, flushed cheeks, over-accessorizing and all shades of pink mixed together will be on my mind all week. Are you guys starting to get spring feelings too? 
Saline Simon

Colorful spring hair

March 16, 2014
Colorful locks and rainbow hair is no longer very groundbreaking, but spring is the perfect time for experimenting with your looks and do something fresh and new. As soon as the weather gets warmer, my need for adding chunks of random colors in my hair gets bigger, and I’m currently playing around with the thought of adding pale purples and minty blue in when I get my pastel pink hair back (which will hopefully be sooner than later). I like how colorful hair is very versatile and can be used in so many ways, it doesn’t necessarily have to be bubbly and princess-like, it can also very look more serious and minimalistic. If you’re thinking about going crazy with colors I have a ton of videos on that on my youtube channel and also a little guide on pastel hair right here.
Saline Simon

Outfit | Rainbow winter

February 10, 2014

Miss Selfridge turban – Local Celebrity shirt – Asos jumpsuit – eBay faux fur – eBay sunnies – Jeremy Scott sneakers

I’m not exactly sure what I was thinking while getting dressed this morning, but it was definitely something about being ready for spring to kick in. It was also super comfy since I spent the day walking around Copenhagen, and Jeremy Scott’s pink poodle sneakers are just perfect for days like this. Wearing this outfit to call upon spring worked cause we got about five minutes of sun – much success! My hair crisis is still going strong, so I saw this as an opportunity to go a bit crazy with colors before my new extensions will arrive and I can dye them red and become the living version of The Little Mermaid. Pictures taken by my photographer friend Rebecca.

Saline Simon

Fall style mood 2013

October 1, 2013

My strategy to beat winter sadness when grey days, less sunlight and colder weather hits will be wearing loads of colors, funny textures and contrasting materials. I actually for once love a huge range of upcoming trends – colorful fur coats, knitted beanies, thigh boots and statement outerwear in general. It’s a perfect time to bring out all my favorite vintage faux furs, the temperature just needs to drop a few more degrees. Oh and pink. I wan’t all pink everything.

Is there any trends you guys are obessing over?