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Saline Simon

Pyrite love, current obsession

March 30, 2013


Pyrite Positivity ringSilver Sterling & Pyrite ringRaw Pyrite & Sterling Silver ring – Fluorite Octahedron & Pyrite ringPyrite ringGold Pyrite ring

I’ve lately been re-obsessed with pyrite jewelry, I think it looks so magical and alien-like, so I’ve been on etsy looking for beautiful pieces for you guys – ordered one of the large rings in the last picture just now, it wasn’t too expensive like some of the other rings I’ve found. If you’re into stones and energies, pyrite should shield you from negative energies and promote optimism and clarity of your mind. It’s also known as ”fool’s gold” because people have been mistaking it for gold, but it’s a lot harder than gold and cannot be scratched as easily. Pure love. 

Saline Simon


November 11, 2012


At the moment I’m strangely fascinated by moths, butterflies and different kinds of stones and crystals. I’m still searching everywhere for beautiful titanium quartz and pyrite jewelry and I keep having dreams about extraterrestrial stuff and water.. Maybe it has something to do with my small obesssion with icy blue, faded hair that Ivania from love-aesthetics suits so wonderfully. I also keep getting ideas about how I want to decorate and personalize the future apartment my best friend and I will be living in when we move to Copenhagen. I definitely want lavender walls and maybe some dusty rose ones too and I’m sort of gonna be making a mint green, glittery jewelry holder out of vintage deer antlers. Oh well, lot’s of new wonderful projects to come! It’s always a good idea to keep feeling inspired ♥