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L’Oreal Luxe Gala 2016

January 18, 2016
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Hey guys. Yesterday I attended my second company sales meeting and gala with Urban Decay and the rest of the L’Oreal Luxe brands at Radisson Blu here in Copenhagen. It’s always lovely to hear news about upcoming launches and being spoiled – check out my goodiebag on snapchat at sebastiansimon. I also got to show off my new bubblegum blue hair that I’m kind of in love with. I’ll be posting a video about the color and my extensions shortly. Pssst, I also tried to link to everything I was wearing or at least similar items.
So far, this year has been pretty great. I’m looking forward to going to Amsterdam with my boyfriend in March – have any of you guys been? And do you have any travel tips? Please let me know! xo
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Winter life photostorm

February 16, 2015

Just a few random shots from my camera taken over the last month or so. For some reason my usual winter blues seem a lot less blue this time around. It’s like the sun has been shining stronger. Probably also the balance of having a place that feel like home + work keeping me busy.

Ps. I’ve gone blonde. 

Looks Saline Simon

Coma Club 2014

November 5, 2014

A bunch of photos from this years Coma Club, or rather, our little getting ready/pre party at Rebecca’s place. As you guys can tell we all kinda got obsessed with glitter this year, and my fabulous american friend Jayce who’s studying in Copenhagen this semester came by Makeup Forever where we did his makeup before going to Rebecca’s place to all dress up and have fun. From what I remember, most of of the night was amazing 😛

I’m hosting a party at Wonk in Malmö on saturday with the fabulous guys from Duo RAW and Kyle Farmery, so if you don’t know what to do this weekend and you’re in Denmark or Sweden come say hi to Rebecca and I at the party! The official event is right here.

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Distortion 2014

June 5, 2014
Yesterday I went to Distortion with my friends and spent all day and night listening to music, partying and enjoying that it’s finally summer. I was gonna go again today, but a case of the hangovers have hit me hard, so today is being spent in bed with netflix and junkfood – crossing my fingers I’ll be there again tomorrow instead.
Rebecca is very excited about her beerz and shotz.
And shots we had. So so many of them. I think we were just getting started here.
There were so many people all over the place. We waited in line for the toilets forever.
Then these two little lovebirds got engaged and Troels gave Rebecca the prettiest, pink rose we had ever seen. Good thing the leopard shirt she borrowed from he had a little pocket to keep it save.
We went to visit some of Rebecca’s friends whose apartment was on one of the party streets. As you can see there a literally thousands and thousands of people partying, it was kind of crazy. I also giggled when I saw these pictures this morning, cause it’s so obvious that I’m gradually getting more and more drunk, haha.
We then went to sit in Folkets Park and get more beer. At this time my memory is kind of blurry, I’m not exactly sure what we did after this, haha.
Hello, my name is Drunk.
So that guy in the background who my friend is kissing, right? I kissed him too. How very skanky of us. Also, I have no idea why Sofie is trying to eat me. Anyway, this is where the night ended, before we went home to listen to Beyoncé and drink beer.. I totally fell asleep though. Will be back with a Part ll when I get home tomorrow night. If any of you guys see me there, feel free to come say hi ♥
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Girls just wanna have fun

April 5, 2014
So in all honesty this weekend was supposed to be low key and was meant for healthy food, lot’s of sleep and studying, but receiving a text from my DJ friend about a huge big 80’s party at Jolene in The Meatpacking District kinde forced me to change plans. Who can say no to a party like that? I’ve had the most amazing time and nothing can really lift your spirit like 80’s music and dressing up as the lost member of Jem & The Holograms. Whether or not going with nude legs in three degree weather was a smart idea is debatable, but I’m pretty sure those irish coffees that I had kept my blood hot. Wooop.