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Saline Simon

Kimono love at Ark Clothing

June 23, 2014
Lately I’ve been completely obsessed with the idea of kimonos. Not the traditional Asian kimono, but the more modern day style that can be worn casual as everyday wear. I have been all over eBay and my usual favorite online stores to find the perfection selection but without any luck, until..
discovering Ark Clothing. They have the perfect selection of kimonos in all the different lenghts, shapes, fabrics and prints you could ever want and imagine. I’m not sure if it’s the festival season that just started here or my slight love for 90’s looking outfits lately that have me obsessed, but my god, I want all of them. 

What I love most about kimonos is their way of being really versatile. They can add that perfect touch of grungy-ness to your outfit or be super girly worn with creams, pastels and flowers in your hair. What I especially love is that they allow you to wear very minimal clothes during those really hot summer days – heeey Roskilde Festival, I’ll see you in six days – but without feeling too exposed. They act as a sort of comfortable cover-up and at the same time make your outfit look cool. Bonus.
I’ve picked out my favorites for you guys and now I just need to decide which one I should get and bring with me to Roskilde. All the kimonos range from £15 to £45 so there is definitely something for everyone – you can go check out the entire selection over at Ark Clothing. Which one is your favorite? ♥

Saline Simon

Wardrobe madness

April 9, 2014
Current state of my bedroom floor. I always forget just how big a project it is to clean out my wardrobe, and it always turn into a one-woman fashion show for me anyway. I’m that kinda person who, even after not wearing a piece of clothing for two years, still can’t get myself to get rid of it. Perhaps one day I’ll be needing it, I tell myself. The last time I threw clothes away I packed two huge plastic bags and donated it to a secondhand store, and I to this day still mourn it sometimes. At least this way I get to see what’s in the back of my closet, which is great whenever I change up my haircolors. But oh, the mess. It cannot be explained. When I’m done here, hopefully I can finish editing a new video and have it uploaded either tonight or tomorrow!
Saline Simon

Colorful spring hair

March 16, 2014
Colorful locks and rainbow hair is no longer very groundbreaking, but spring is the perfect time for experimenting with your looks and do something fresh and new. As soon as the weather gets warmer, my need for adding chunks of random colors in my hair gets bigger, and I’m currently playing around with the thought of adding pale purples and minty blue in when I get my pastel pink hair back (which will hopefully be sooner than later). I like how colorful hair is very versatile and can be used in so many ways, it doesn’t necessarily have to be bubbly and princess-like, it can also very look more serious and minimalistic. If you’re thinking about going crazy with colors I have a ton of videos on that on my youtube channel and also a little guide on pastel hair right here.
Saline Simon

Moschino Fall 2014

February 27, 2014

Oh Jeremy Scott, you’ve done it again. I would literally wear every outfit straight from the runway and go total Anna Dello Russo-style. No one creates junk couture with Chanel vibes like this, and bringing modern day icons like McDonald’s and Spongebob into fashion has yet again made me obsessed. So much love for this. Which look is your favorite, guys? See the rest of the collection right here.
Saline Simon

Pastel christmas inspiration

December 18, 2013
This christmas my biggest obsession has been pale winter wonderlands and pastel everything. I love how pastel christmas is so untraditional but in the same time just so appropriate. During december I get really sick of seeing red and dark green everywhere I turn and pale pink, mint green and baby blue is so much more girly and easy for the eye. I’ve found some amazing christmas photos with an atmosphere that’s right up my alley since this month I’ve sadly not been able to decorate at all.
I’m currently waiting for my homemade sugarcookies to cool down so I can start decorating them with buttercream and sprinkles. Hopefully they turned out okay, but I’m gonna let my brother test them tomorrow haha. My camera still hasn’t arrived 🙁 I even called the shop both yesterday and this morning and they couldn’t give me any useful information. I’m crossing my fingers it will come tomorrow instead.