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Saline Simon

Today’s new years shopping

December 30, 2013
Very much unlike me, I have completely forgotten about my new years outfit, even though lists have been made and blog posts with links prepared. I had picked out the perfect, minimalistic, white sequin dress, but actually ordering it slipped my mind. Great! So today I had to venture out in the hunt for my new years outfit and I’m not kidding you guys, the amount of people shopping in Copenhagen today, had tripled. I waited in line for about 20 minutes in Topshop, only to buy the black patent leather skirt above. In H&M I couldn’t resist adding the lime green fur shoulder warmer to my collection of oddly colored fur things, and since my outfit plan is to go all white I also got the white leather skirt above from Episode. Lastly, I grabbed a nail polish from Max Factor and an eyeshadow from Maybelline, both in the color Snow White. I’ll see if I have time to snap some outfit photos before leaving tomorrow!
Saline Simon

HAPPY 2013!!

January 2, 2013

I hope everyone had a great new years eve and got safely in to 2013! I celebrated new years with two of my best friends, Lea & Christine, and Lea and I spent the day shopping for new years bling and glitter underwear, eating sushi, dolling up and getting tipsy before twelve. None of us had any real parties to attend to so se decided to go to a few bars and just have fun there – we met a lot of nice people and cute boys and I think we went to one of our friends parties for a few hours as well. Actually, that’s where we found the unicorn and giraffe hats! Well I ended up spending the night at a nice guys place and he drove me home yesterday, so I guess you can say I got a nice start on 2013. I also just want to thank everyone for 2012, it’s been such a crazy year for me and I can’t wait to see what 2013 have in store for me! Happy new years! ♥
Saline Simon


November 9, 2012
       pair onepair twopair threepair fourpair five

I’m the kind of person who believes in going all in for new years and really get glammed up. It just feels like a great idea to look your best when jumping in to a new year and a new start, so I went on eBay to have a little look at what they could offer in the glittery shoe department. What I really love about eBay is that you can find pretty much any item you have in mind and get it for less money and since adding glittery pumps, wedges or stilettos to your new years outfit – no matter how casual you wanna look – you still have that extra flair and glamour. I found these five pairs for you, all reasonably prized, so now I too have trouble picking out just what pair to get.
Oh ps. I know new years is more than a month away, but it takes time looking good!