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Saline Simon

New in | plastic sandals

June 23, 2014
Last week I received these white plastic sandals in the mail. I have been slightly obsessed with chunky shoes, especially in white, and since I needed a practical and causal pair for every day wear I decided to go with these juju jellies-looking ones from eBay. The kitchyness of them really appeals to me, but the crisp white color takes them away from that 90’s feel you got from wearing similar ones as a kid and make them look more modern. They have been super comfortable to walk around in, but I’m afraid they wont survive Roskilde Festival, so it’s a good thing they are more than affordable on eBay. I might just have to grab a pair in black too. And maybe pale pink.. with glitter.
Saline Simon

Little black birthday dress

July 17, 2013
The guy I’ve been dating and telling you guys about since winter (we ended it yesterday, as friends, because it just weren’t our time right now and we’ve both met other people) gave me my birthday present when he came to say hi, and I was so surpriced that he was able to find an outfit that looks both sexy and elegant. He said this was just something he would have liked to see me in and it kinda made me happy – I even love the bracelet he gave me, and that says a lot, I never wear anything on my wrists because it usually feels uncomfortable but this is just perfect and chunky enough for me ♥
I paired my two gifts with my semi new and super cheap heels from
Saline Simon

Summer days

June 24, 2013
The weather has been great here the past few weeks, well, mostly. I went to visit my grandmother the other weekend and we went to a lovely beach and summerhouse, it was too cold for me to jump in the ocean but my brother did. We drove by a small fleamarket that we also went to last year and I found a few great bargains. I’ve also been hanging out with my girlfriends drinking wine in a lovely park and went for cosmopolitans in the warm evenings. I just love this weather, hopefully this summer will be long and amazing.
Saline Simon

eBay shopping for Roskilde Festival

June 24, 2013
Hey guys! Haven’t talked to you in a long time! So much has been happening the past few weeks – first of all I got a job at Roskilde Festival that I’m sure a lot of you guys have heard of. I got the idea that I should go last week and the festival is on saturday and ten days ahead so I’m surprised I was even able to get a job. Oh well, today I bought my very first tent and my littlebrother helped me building it in the garden, I’m gonna feel like a camping princess because there’s room enough for three in it and I’m gonna sleep alone!
I was at the festival in 2007 for the first and only time, totally overpacked, with all the wrong clothes so this time I’m better prepared. I just ordered all this stuff on eBay to be practical but still look cute – a belt bag to carry my iphone, some cash, my credit card, camera, a little mirror and some makeup to touch up my face. Two pairs of pink trainer shoes because they are comfortable, versatile, practical and easy to style, and two caps because the job I got don’t want me to wear sunnies when I go around talking to people, one barbie cap and one tennis inspired cap, mostly because I always wanted one, but also because I like that my head wont get too hot in it. I will do a full check-list of what to bring to festivals in a minute! Do you guys have a certain festival look that you love?
Saline Simon

Product test – ShaveSafe

June 13, 2013
I have been dealing with extremely sensitive skin since I started shaving my legs. Rashes, razorburns, ingrown hairs, you name it. I’ve also tried a ton of different products for hair removal but none that really worked and I’m honestly sick of not being able to wear nude legs in the summer because I might ”break out” the day after I’ve shaved.
I’ve done a ton of research and a lot of people have sworn by this product, so I decided to give it a go. It’s 100% free of perfume, parabenes and colorants and should help make the shave go smoother, leaving your skin free from all the bad things you might have experienced earlier. You get the best results after three weeks of using the product and you should shave every two-three days at first. So I’m gonna do that and see how I like it!