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Chill days

April 4, 2016

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Thrifted sunnies – Thrifted shirt – Motel Rocks shortsJord watch – Bag from Lanzarote

Today’s outfit is super chill, comfy and practical. I went for a laser treatment at noon and afterwards met up with Sofie to hang out, eat dinner and catch up. We also gave her a much needed haircut and she did my makeup so we could shoot these quick photos. The bag – which can be used as a clutch but also have a strap for the shoulder – is the only real thing I brought back from Lanzarote. I saw it in a shop while walking back from dinner and drinks one night and fell in love with it. Kenneth bought it for me and I’ve been carrying it with me everyday since. The watch is also brand new, but I’ll post about that soon.

*this was actually from monday, but I’ve been super busy ever since haha. I’m cuddling up in bed with a movie, pizza and my computer. Kenneth is out celebrating his friend’s birthday and I’m going to a fetish party (a little intimidated about that haha!) tomorrow night with a friend. I’ll see if I can snap some photos of my outfit ♥

Saline Simon

Bought myself a christmas present!

December 17, 2013
Eeeep, I really spoiled myself this year and now I’m just too excited to function at all! It took me quite a lot of debating (yes, I was debating with myself) before I decided to actually order this beauty, but the fact that I have had a pretty poopy year and that I’ve also been really good at saving money lately made me feel like this was an okay present to give myself. It’s kind of an investment when you think about, right? Haha, at least I keep telling myself. My blog will be filled with beautiful, personal photos again with everything from a lot more outfit posts, makeup looks, recipes for yummy foods and snacks I love, DIY post and hopefully a lot more inspiration – I haven’t had my own camera since the late summer of 2011 before my digital camera stopped working while trying to film my first Androgenetics video as a weekly member. The day after I just bought a random JVC camcorder and totally forgot how much I needed a camera for photos as well, I guess you can say I just really needed to update my blogger gear, hehehe. If you back to before september 2011 my blog had a lot more personal content and I so, so miss that! I ordered the camera late on thursday, so it should be here either today or tomorrow and I just can’t wait, goodness me!
I decided to go with the Canon EOS 600D/Rebel T3i after many hours of research as I like the quality of the pictures and it’s video functions, but it also seems to be a top favorite amongst beauty bloggers who do both blogs and youtube. Also I have been eyeing this camera for about a year and a half now and I haven’t really found anything that feels just as right as this baby. So I’m not just babbling for fun when I say that my break from youtube and blogging is over soon, I have so much new inspiration, content, plans and lastly I MISS you guys so much! Will update about the camera as soon as it arrives. Eeeep, again.
Saline Simon

KEA Empire Campus opening party with

October 14, 2013
I had the most amazing friday night with the sweet people from at the opening party at KEA Empire Campus here in Copenhagen. I was contacted by wantr after they noticed me in their master of trendspotting competition and asked me to come out and help them spot the most stylish people and promote the competition, so of course I said yes. I partied with the owner of wantr (the handsome guy in second picture), the blonde girl in third picture along with another lovely girl called Nina, our cool photographer and three of my most fabulous friends! I also kinda wanna marry the guy with the sweet smile and brown hair standing beside me, but I cant remember his name bohoo. There were lot’s of cute guys and so many beautiful girls and all in all it was a wonderful night! Thank you wantr ♥
I wore pumps bought in Jette Riis – eBay plastic clutch – romwe skirt – vintage Moschino belt – vintage silk shirt – eBay gold chain & a secondhand faux fur
all photos by Lars Norman Hestbæk
Saline Simon

Clear plastic clutch

September 10, 2013

A small obsession of mine is clear plastic accessories. It all started last year when I bought a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes in clear plastic and while shopping with Lars here in Copenhagen I saw the most beautiful, clear plastic raincoat in Nagstore. It reminded me that I bought this clutch on eBay a few weeks ago and when it arrived last night my obsession was re-born. I’d love to walk around in more clear items this fall, it looks so futuristic and I love it styled with solid colors like white or black. This didn’t cost more than a few dollars, so I will definitely keep a look out for more, cheap plastic items to wear this fall.

What are your thoughts guys? 

Saline Simon

New in

August 19, 2013
I’ve been getting more and more exciting about fall fashion and creating new looks in my head, and after having searched for some simple, white pumps I found these on eBay. They were cheap, shipping was fast and I can wear them with socks so they’ll give a little and be more comfortable! Uh, and they’ll look great with my new haaaair : D
Here’s a link to the seller, I really recommend it!