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Saline Simon

Little black birthday dress

July 17, 2013
The guy I’ve been dating and telling you guys about since winter (we ended it yesterday, as friends, because it just weren’t our time right now and we’ve both met other people) gave me my birthday present when he came to say hi, and I was so surpriced that he was able to find an outfit that looks both sexy and elegant. He said this was just something he would have liked to see me in and it kinda made me happy – I even love the bracelet he gave me, and that says a lot, I never wear anything on my wrists because it usually feels uncomfortable but this is just perfect and chunky enough for me ♥
I paired my two gifts with my semi new and super cheap heels from
Saline Simon

Long black veil.

September 16, 2011
Wearing long black DIY skirt, leopard shirt, fur coat and Nelly wedges

My friend Rada took these photos with her iPhone when we were done at the salon today. This morning I just felt like I needed to wear something nice and comfy and I sure did. I love long skirts, but I find it pretty hard to get my hands on some nice ones. Don’t wanna look like a granny. Anyway, my weekend starts now and I will watch Armadillo with Kristoffer and eat muffins!
Saline Simon

New in.

August 24, 2011

Nelly Bielawa wedges – oversized cateyes sunnies

Being sick really sucks, but getting delicious new ins always cheers you up. As I talked about earlier, I wanted to get some new wedges that I’ve been drooling over on and when I checked their page this saturday the shoes were 73% off! Crazy, so of course I had to get them. I ordered them in a size 41, but they feel like a small 40, so be aware of that if you wanna get them too. The sunnies I got from ebay, I’ve been needing som fabulous cateyes and I really like these. Anyway, I’ll have some outfit posts up when I feel better.

Saline Simon

Another Mandy wedge update.

June 2, 2011
I wrote to and they apologized for the shoes breaking, and told me to send them back so they could give me my money back or send me another pair. After talking to some different people I decided to just keep them and fix them with some shoelaces. If this pair broke the new pair probably will to, like everyone elses did. And I kinda like the result, now I dont have to worry about them breaking again! Anyway, tomorrow my family and I are going to Norway for the weekend, to  celebrate my uncles birthday. There’s gonna be a big party on saturday, and when I come home, I promise to show you some pictures and outfits from the trip. Enjoy your weekends!
Saline Simon

Nelly Mandy wedges update.

May 17, 2011
I have only had these wegdes for a few weeks, and I’ve been in love with them ever since they arrived.
The only bad thing is that they really made som nasty wounds on my ankle, but I guess I’m willing to suffer in order to look good. Anyway, on my way home from Copenhagen, they broke. The ”thong” or what it’s called suddenly snapped, and now they wont close. They were cheap, but I dont think it’s okay.
So now I’m gonna contact Nelly and see what they say. I will write about this later!