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Inspiration Saline Simon

Monday inspiration

February 23, 2015
This week I’m all about metallic clothing, faded pink hair (I totally just ordered pink hair dye again), 90’s Kate Moss, grid nails, black lingerie and cute socks in cute shoes. I’m also addicted to ice cold green tea – add a bag of green tea to one liter of water and store in fridge over night – Siouxsie And The Banshees, Biotherm Liquid Glow serum + bingewatching Grimm on Netflix. I have a serious crush on David Giuntoli.
Inspiration Saline Simon

Monday inspiration

February 16, 2015
I think we can all use a little inspiration to get our butts in gear on these sometimes awful monday mornings, so I think I’m gonna make this a weekly thing starting now. Personally I’m kicking off this week with a 12 hour work day. Let’s go.
This week I’m mesmerized by albinism in humans and animals. I find the lack of pigment amazingly beautiful and I’m more than tempted to grab a bowl of bleach and bleach my eyelashes too. Also fairytale makeup, unpredictable pops of color, flushed cheeks, over-accessorizing and all shades of pink mixed together will be on my mind all week. Are you guys starting to get spring feelings too? 
Saline Simon

Today’s new years shopping

December 30, 2013
Very much unlike me, I have completely forgotten about my new years outfit, even though lists have been made and blog posts with links prepared. I had picked out the perfect, minimalistic, white sequin dress, but actually ordering it slipped my mind. Great! So today I had to venture out in the hunt for my new years outfit and I’m not kidding you guys, the amount of people shopping in Copenhagen today, had tripled. I waited in line for about 20 minutes in Topshop, only to buy the black patent leather skirt above. In H&M I couldn’t resist adding the lime green fur shoulder warmer to my collection of oddly colored fur things, and since my outfit plan is to go all white I also got the white leather skirt above from Episode. Lastly, I grabbed a nail polish from Max Factor and an eyeshadow from Maybelline, both in the color Snow White. I’ll see if I have time to snap some outfit photos before leaving tomorrow!
Saline Simon

Gold glitter nails for the cheap

July 25, 2013
When you’re trying to save up for a new apartment, occasional trips to the nail salon really aren’t very realistic, and sometimes just wearing plain nail polish get’s boring. It’s in times of boredom you must turn to nail stickers, glitter and fun ways to make your nails look personal.
I’ve been very into glitter dipped nails lately so I decided to try it out myself. It takes no time and is super affordable. First step is to apply Max Factor’s Marshmallow nail polish on your entire nail, then quickly before it dries sprinkle some Stargazer gold glitter from eBay on the tip of your nail, wait for it to dry, brush excess glitter off and finish with a clear topcoat! And you’re done!