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Inspiration Saline Simon

Monday inspiration

February 23, 2015
This week I’m all about metallic clothing, faded pink hair (I totally just ordered pink hair dye again), 90’s Kate Moss, grid nails, black lingerie and cute socks in cute shoes. I’m also addicted to ice cold green tea – add a bag of green tea to one liter of water and store in fridge over night – Siouxsie And The Banshees, Biotherm Liquid Glow serum + bingewatching Grimm on Netflix. I have a serious crush on David Giuntoli.
Hair Inspiration Saline Simon

Chloe Nørgaard model love

February 19, 2015
Goodness me, it’s been so long since I did one of these model love posts, but lately I’m returning to my blog-roots and that feels really good. One model that I could absolutely never miss on the blog – and who’s been on here before – is the fabulously colorful Chloe Nørgaard. Half American, half Danish (woohoo, proud Dane here!) she grew up in the states and became a tumblr style icon a few years back when she dyed her hair blue and everybody kinda went crazy. In interviews she seems like the most chill girl to be around and generally just like a creative and free spirit. Oh, and how could you not be happy when looking at such a colorful person? I definitely find it hard to stay blonde for a little while longer and not go My Little Pony on my hair.
Stalk her on instagram right here. 
Saline Simon

Current music love

December 27, 2013

I have been listening to a lot of peaceful, cheerful, slightly electronic music lately. No idea why, but it put’s me in this certain mood that has made me so happy the past few weeks. There’s a few great channels on youtube that only post music like this and my favorites are thesoundyouneed and majestic casual. Here’s a bunch of my most listened to tracks, I really recommend this music if you’re feeling stressed or just need something to chill too. 

Saline Simon

Monday inspiration

August 19, 2013
Just a little inspiration on this cold, grey monday ♥

Angry animals, supermodels, moody faces, green hair, over accessorizing, gold jewelry.
Saline Simon


September 11, 2012
I have been mesmerized by this girl all day. Her beauty is almost alien-like and her entire bone structure is to die for, I’m also in love with how deep and glowing her skin color looks, even though I think it’s heavily edited. These photos are giving me a strong Andy Warhol vibe which just makes it even more perfect.