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Saline Simon

Photo diary of my first week in Copenhagen

August 25, 2013
The first week here in Copenhagen has passed – I’ve been hanging out with new an old friends and been out on adventures trying to explore the city, finding my way around is getting a lot easier! I’ve been at Ungdomshuset with Maja, had a very tired movienight with Alex watching Coffee & Cigarettes and on friday Lars made me the yummiest potatoburger to cure my hangovers. I’m currently in bed with a new hangover after yesterdays shenanigans 🙁 I just never learn, huh?
Saline Simon

DIY barbie vest & outfit of the day

July 13, 2013
eBay earrings – DIY barbie vest – second hand shirt – romwe skirt

I have been working on this vest for a while whenever I was bored and I’m really pleased with the result! It’s perfect for spring and summer and to spice up boring outfits, and DIY projects like these are fun to do because you make personal items that only you have. I’ve also been wearing my hair in braids a lot lately like I seem to do every summer, so I will have a new video up about it next week ♥

Saline Simon

White on white

July 8, 2013

eBay cap – lace top from grandmother – second hand skirt – eBay trainers

Lately I have been wearing loads of white and tennis inspired outfits, I think it’s a great contrast to my hot pink hair and lipstick – which by the way is MAC’s Candy Yum Yum – and at Roskilde festival I realized how much more comfortable white is on hot summer days. The shoes are the ones from this post that I got for no money on eBay and since they were the only pair I brought for the festival I’m surpriced they are still alive after seven days of mud and trash (and two times in the washing mashine) I’m just about to edit today’s video, so it will be up later tonight! 
Saline Simon

Back from Copenhagen

June 11, 2013

I went to Copenhagen thursday and met up with my friend Peter in MAC, we then went to Kongens Have with beer and enjoyed the lovely weather. When we came home we ate pizza from the pizza place down the street (several times that weekend!) The next day Peter had to work, so I met up with an old friend who took me to Assistentens Kirkegård with beer and later to a pub where she bought me my first shot of fernet branca. That was sort of horrible, but we had fun and later Peter and I got drunk, did makeup and listened to loud music all night.On saturday we went out to Club Christopher with a bunch of friends and partied all night, I even wrote in a taxicab in the early morning haha. I felt awful when I came back home yesterday but today I have been experimenting with some new MAC goodies Peter gave me and reading this months’ Cover. I am so taking a break from partying. Did you guys have a great weekend too?

Saline Simon

Instagram photo diary

June 5, 2013

instagram – sebastiansimonxo
Just a few instagram photos from the past few weeks, my pink hair is back, summer has hit Denmark and a few lovely new ins. I also looked sort of heroin chic two weekends ago because (picture 4 and 7) I had to borrow a friend’s makeup and all she had was one bad blending brush and a brown Dior eyeshadow, so you can imagine how funny I must have looked applying my eyebrows with a q-tip haha.