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Saline Simon

Baby turns blue

January 16, 2014
Today we officially filmed our first video together after going a bit crazy with my new curling wand. It’s been more than three months without doing videos for both of us so I think we both felt a little rusty, but I finally got around to actually testing my new camera’s video function for real. I have a feeling it’ll work out kind of amazing in daylight. Tomorrow Ryan is coming back and then we’ll head to Munich on friday with two of his friends – and I really, really need to step up my outfit posts!
Saline Simon

Tokyo Streetstyle inspiration

September 23, 2013

People often question me about where I find inspiration and if I get inspired by any certain japanese styles, and mostly my answer has been no. I feel like there’s an endless range of underground styles in Japan and what really inspires me is just how different and extreme some of them are. I’ve been visiting Tokyo Fashion regularly just to catch up on the wonderful outfits you see in the streets of Shibuya and Harajuku, it’s so fun to see well known designer brands that most bloggers know, but also all the underground japanese brands, bloggers and style icons you may or may not know. Madame Yulia, Alisa Ueno and Eva Cheung are a few of my favorites. 

If you’re in the mood for bold colors, hair in every color, over the top looks and outfits that can never be too much, tokyofashion is definitely a place for you.
What look is your favorite guys? 
Saline Simon

Cyril Hahn concert – outfit & look

September 13, 2013
The concert last night was amazing! I waited in line for about an hour and got kinda nervous about not getting in, but I eventually did and had such a fun time. I danced standing on a couch while he played Say My Name haha.. Now I’m about to get ready for going out. Again. Poop.
Wearing eBay faux fur, The Mountain unicorn shirt, eBay chain, H&M earrings and Jeffrey Campbell Stingers
Saline Simon


March 20, 2013
I’ve been doing another video week and decided to start with an easy hair tutorial on two minute curls. This has been one of my most used hairstyles for a while because it literally takes two minutes but still looks like you’ve spent time actually doing your hair.

Tuesday I was feeling sassy and decided to teach you guys how to properly twerk your booty.. Or make a complete fool out of myself. Either way, the weather was nice and I had a lot of fun – like the old people who live around me probably did too when they realized what I was doing – and on top of that my video was put on, what an honor. I don’t think they realized that this was ment to be a joke though.
On wednesday I posted a lookbook that I’ve been working on for a while, a few online shops have been sending me clothes and I included some of that to share some of my favorites outfits this spring. I probably will be doing more lookbooks again soon.
Thursday was another non-beauty video, and I did the 15 weird facts about me tag. I always like doing these tag videos, but rarely make them anyway.. I should probably work on that.

On friday I did a requested tutorial on the hair I wore in my goodbye video for Androgenetics. I have been loving this 70’s Barbie hair for a while even though I rarely use that much hairspray – it’s a lot of fun though. Just felt like posting the videos on here as well ♥