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Monday inspiration

February 23, 2015
This week I’m all about metallic clothing, faded pink hair (I totally just ordered pink hair dye again), 90’s Kate Moss, grid nails, black lingerie and cute socks in cute shoes. I’m also addicted to ice cold green tea – add a bag of green tea to one liter of water and store in fridge over night – Siouxsie And The Banshees, Biotherm Liquid Glow serum + bingewatching Grimm on Netflix. I have a serious crush on David Giuntoli.
Saline Simon

Mondays are a lot more fun when you don’t have to leave your bed

September 22, 2014
Having a slow monday in bed with Netflix, music, yummy food and no real clothes is a pretty nice way to start a very busy and exciting week. I also decided that it was time to return to my pink hair – as always. I think pink is the color I’ve had for the longest now and also the color I feel most like myself in. Now I better get back to my How I Met Your Mother marathon 😛 Come by Makeup Forever in Sephora tomorrow if you wanna have your makeup done! 
Saline Simon

Top 10 fashion picks

February 18, 2014
I’m back with a new Top 10 of items I’m currently lusting over from all over the internet. Craving everything black, white, clear and grey – lot’s of textures and materials, and shapes that stand out enough for not much color or accessorising to be needed. I’m loving contrast and this is honestly the shoppinglist that I’m currently going for. Also finally stumbled across a pretty good knock off of the Stella McCartney tread shoes, and they just happen to come in my size which is more than you can say about other models like them.. Now I just need to choose between those and the Jeffrey Campbell Scully’s on preorder. What would you guys go with?
Saline Simon

Latest eBay finds

May 16, 2013
1 Barbie print dress2 Barbie print crop top3 The Mountain unicorn tee – 4 Pale pink lace dress – 5 Ardell 151 eyelashes – 6 Lace bralette – 7 Ardell 111 eyelashes – 8 Ardell 107 eyelashes

My eBay finds from the past two weeks – I have been searching years and years for Barbie clothing and found an awesome eBay seller with affordable items (link under the photo) I’m definitely not done with this boutique, the quality seems great and I did a few outfit posts with the clothing. Also finally ordered a The Mountain tee, obviously the unicorn one in XXL so I can wear it as a dress! And then just stocking up on some new lingerie since I’m dating someone special : D Oh and eyelashes too of course!
Saline Simon


July 17, 2012
As a person without boobs I’m still very much into beautiful underwear and details and while picking out items on I found these amazing bra’s. I have seen many similiar items all over the internet and usually they are insanely pricy, but these ones only cost $35.50 each – if I were able to wear bra’s I think I would definitely be buying these two beauties. Just thought I would share for all the ladies out there.