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Saline Simon

Instagram photo diary

December 11, 2013
I’ve moved, reconnected with myself, adopted cactus babies and cut my bangs short again.

I’ve been visiting the new MAC Store more than once & cuddled with this little thing.

I’ve been partying too much and also found a new bluehaired soulmate.

I’ve read Cover Magazine during long trainrides, taking a very familiar bustrip and partied in my old city.

I’ve had an unexpected nachos & daiquiries date, been pineapple obsessed, and had best friend hangovers in my hometown.

I’ve celebrated halloween with the lovely lady in the middle looking something like a wet mermaid, a cavewoman and other kind of freaky thingsstuffsomething.

I’ve been invited to blogger events, went shopping for an outfit to another blogger event and hung out in a piercing studio discussing next year with a friend.

I’ve been pretty fond of black eyeshadow, had my littlebrother visiting for a day and taking him out for asian food and been obsessed with crimped hair.

I’ve worn my brown wig during a hair crisis, loved having my own room after I moved, spent way too much money on candles, and also dressed up like someone from Beverly Hills 90210.

And lastly I’ve been crazy ill, crazy happy & made crazy changes in my life.

Guys, please let me know what you think about this way of doing instagram photo diaries? Do you like this best or my usual photo diary posts better hihihe? ♥

Saline Simon

Valfre’s new webshop

November 17, 2013
So LA based artist Ilse Valfre – who you should definitely follow on instagram – just opened her brand new webshop with accessories like iphone cases, tote bags, journal books and even different kind of t-shirts with her own girl power illustrations printed on them. I’ve been following her for a while and it seems like whenever she puts out something new my days just get a little bit better. If you, like me, have a love for colorful mermaid hair, cats, makeup, pizza and quircky girliness, this is right up your alley! I’ve picked out my favorites, but you can check out the rest of her website right here.
Saline Simon

Instagram photo diary

October 1, 2013
A few photos from the past month or so just for the ones who don’t have or use instagram. I’ve been settling in to Copenhagen, getting excited about fall, fashion, hopefully getting a new job soon and then a new apartment! I’ve went through a few different haircolors too, and now I’m fading out the latest neon green dye. 
On sunday I went back to my family’s place for the week to get a little break from Copenhagen and catch up with friends and family. Are you guys as excited about october as I am?
Saline Simon

Instagram photo diary

June 5, 2013

instagram – sebastiansimonxo
Just a few instagram photos from the past few weeks, my pink hair is back, summer has hit Denmark and a few lovely new ins. I also looked sort of heroin chic two weekends ago because (picture 4 and 7) I had to borrow a friend’s makeup and all she had was one bad blending brush and a brown Dior eyeshadow, so you can imagine how funny I must have looked applying my eyebrows with a q-tip haha.
Saline Simon

Blonde days

May 16, 2013

I’ve been sort of having fun with my blonde hair the past few weeks, but I’m so over it by now. Somehow it just makes me feel sooo boring so next week I’ll go back to beautiful pink again – have been thinking about going spring green like The Joker from Batman, but I’m not quite sure if I’ll love it, I’m considering spring green dip dye. I’m also sorry I’m currently blogging in patches and not making new videos but I’m just so tired after work at the moment 🙁