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Saline Simon

Malibu Barbie Part II

May 9, 2014
Vagabond shoes – vintage nightgown from Mie Maja’s great grandmother – DIY necklace – DIY glitter sunnies – 80’s Mickey Mouse scarf from Mie Maja’s childhood – 
DIY glitter bag – 60’s magazines – The cat, Frk. Nilsson
Part two of the Malibu Barbie shoot we did in Mie Maja’s new apartment this week. Love the dreamy sorroundings. The bed has little, fluffy clouds, lights and a dreamcatcher. So excited about staying there and having the place to myself from monday and almost a week forward – it’s gonna feel like a complete princess vacation. Also getting excited about raiding her wardrobe and making daily outfit posts for you guys. You will die when you see all the treasures there is! ♥ 
Saline Simon

Pastel christmas inspiration

December 18, 2013
This christmas my biggest obsession has been pale winter wonderlands and pastel everything. I love how pastel christmas is so untraditional but in the same time just so appropriate. During december I get really sick of seeing red and dark green everywhere I turn and pale pink, mint green and baby blue is so much more girly and easy for the eye. I’ve found some amazing christmas photos with an atmosphere that’s right up my alley since this month I’ve sadly not been able to decorate at all.
I’m currently waiting for my homemade sugarcookies to cool down so I can start decorating them with buttercream and sprinkles. Hopefully they turned out okay, but I’m gonna let my brother test them tomorrow haha. My camera still hasn’t arrived 🙁 I even called the shop both yesterday and this morning and they couldn’t give me any useful information. I’m crossing my fingers it will come tomorrow instead. 
Saline Simon

Details of my home

September 12, 2013

Just felt like sharing a few photos of my current home with you guys, just a few detail shots of the things that really makes this place so amazing. It’s a pretty old building and the apartment is a lot bigger than where I used to live with my boyfriend last year. There’s tons of beautiful daylight and white ceilings and floors. The second picture from the top is my favorite spot to sit with my computer and some tea and just breathe in the city. All the furniture belongs to Lars, I just brought all my clothes, shoes and makeup with me (which takes up a lot of space haha) but I really like being here. The first picture is the outfit I’m gonna wear for the Cyril Hahn concert tonight, I might be able to take a few outfit photos before I leave as well. 
Saline Simon

Monday inspiration

August 19, 2013
Just a little inspiration on this cold, grey monday ♥

Angry animals, supermodels, moody faces, green hair, over accessorizing, gold jewelry.
Saline Simon

Small DIY home decoration idea

June 5, 2013
A few weeks back I had some time to kill while waiting for the bus and decided to spend it in a cute little secondhand shop where I found this picturebook on how to do flower decorations. It had loads of pretty photos and I decided to make it into a DIY home decor project – do you guys remember my vintage barbie photos? I want to do something similar with these photos for my new apartment. I love doing kitchy little projects like this, since it’s a lot more personal and cheap than actually buying pre-made stuff for your walls! Now I just need more frames that I can paint mint green.