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Saline Simon

Friday Outfit

May 16, 2014
H&M sequin dress – Ellos shoes – H&M seashell earrings – Holy Malice sunnies
All week I have been wanting to wear this dress with some sort of messy/fabulous hairdo, but I kept thinking friday would be the perfect day to do so even though I won’t be going out. Mie Maja told me it’s the same model as this dress that I’m sure you guys have seen me in a million times – there’s just something about the shape and lines of it that I’m really diggin’. This might also be the last outfit post of this week since Mie Maja is returning tomorrow, but we’ll see if I have time to do another look. Which of the looks from this week has been your favorite, guys? 
I’m gonna call it a day, jump to bed with Sex & The City (I’m obsessed, again) and cuddle with the kitty. Sure will be missing this when I leave! Have a fun friday everyone! ♥
Saline Simon

Outfit | Undercover

January 9, 2014

H&M hat – Holy Malice sunnies – second hand faux fur – second hand shirt – Rose Wholesale skirt – Rose Wholesale bag – old boots 

Running erands on no sleep, literally, sometimes feel a lot easier with a little disguise. The weather is windy and wet today so my floppy hat and sunnies don’t just hide my face from the world, but also protects me from mother nature. The sidebraid is both practical for the weather situation and for hiding how bad my extensions need a trim, which I will hopefully be able to do tonight before leaving for Germany tomorrow! I’ll be away for nine days, so lot’s of outfit posts from beautiful Nürnberg will follow. The skirt and bag are both new and worked so well for this comfy-no-sleep-running-erands-in-disquise-look, while the boots have been a staple winter item in my wardrobe for around ten years soon. These pictures (and many more to come) was taken by my wonderful friend and photographer Rebecca Bregnum. How is the weather where you guys live?

Saline Simon

I’m bad to the bone

April 16, 2013
H&M dress – Bad To The Bone earrings

Just a quick outfit of the day, I’m wearing one of my favorite H&M dresses that I bought for a boarding school reunion last year. I love the cut of it, especially with nude legs and simple pumps, it gives me a 60’s vibe and my makeup too. Also went for pale eyebrows again today – there’s something about it I just love. Tomorrow I’m gonna pick outfits for a photoshoot I have in Aarhus this friday and thursday night I have a date. Oh also made a new video today because I reached 20.000 subbies on da youtube, click here to watch ♥
Saline Simon

Spring new ins.

March 21, 2012
Both dresses, the sweater and the ring are from H&M

I was feeling a little moody today so I stopped by H&M to get a dress for the boardingschool reunion Im going to in two weeks and saw the gorgeous dress in the third picture. Usually I’m pretty good at knowing which sizes I can fit, but I got it in large and it was way too big. I will wear it with lilac nails and lips, ombre white/pink hair, my usual cateyes and black pumps. Both dresses are in a gorgeous 60’s cuts and both materials are perfect for spring and summer. The sweater is amazing and will go well with the yet to complete outfit I have in my head.
Todays music – Billie Holiday Lady Day collection
Saline Simon

Versace for H&M Cruise Collection.

January 18, 2012
As you all probably noticed I was obsessing over the first Versace for H&M collection, but I felt very disappointed when I saw the summer collection. It’s not as special as the other one and I don’t think I’m gonna buy any of the items this time. I like these two outfits though, but still.. Pretty disappointed.
What do you think about the collection?