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Hair Looks Saline Simon

Pink October

October 22, 2014

Vintage hat – eBay faux fur coat – eBay shirt – Motel shorts – NLY boots – eBay sequin clutch

Went out shopping with Rebecca this monday in search for things we can use for two big upcoming parties, one of them being Coma Club. Fall has really hit now, so that calls for warmer clothes which means my collection of faux fur coats comes in great handy. These Motel shorts has become part of my work uniform, but even on days off I still seem to wear them all the time. So comfy. 

Photos by Rebecca Bregnum

Saline Simon

Outfit | Grey beaches

March 8, 2014
Vintage faux fur – Asos dress – eBay earrings – eBay gold chain – secondhand shoes
I spent this day modelling for a very cold photoshoot in 5 degrees weather and pretty much no clothes or shoes – pictures will follow soon – and I dressed sort of practical and warm, so it would be easy to change outfits and not freeze to death. My friends have made fun of these shoes since I bought them a few weeks ago for their grandma-vibes, and even though I do get those vibes too, somehow they just work for me when I wear them. Still feel better in colorless clothes right now, but I’ve been re-united with my beloved oversized gold earrings and I’m in love with the way they look in contrast to my hair. Whether or not I look like a russian prostitute is debatable, but I am so ready to welcome spring weather and say goodbye to grey skies and winter outfits. Hopefully this will be the last winter outfit post before we transition into spring. All photos by Rebecca Bregnum.
Saline Simon

Outfit | Secondhand madness

February 25, 2014

Secondhand scarf – Holy Malice sunnies – secondhand coat – second hand dress – Miss Selfridge clutch – secondhand pumps

I went out for lunch and catching up with one of my best friends from Kolding where I used to live yesterday in what at first felt like early spring weather, but turned out to be so, so cold. You can almost tell how much I’m freezing in the photos, haha. Most of the outfit was bought last week while secondhand shopping with my grandmother. I’ve been finding so many secondhand treasures lately, and this faux fur is just perfect for my collection. I also have a love/hate relationship with this dress – love the print, cut and colors. Kinda hate the material and the way it looks on. Bummer, but for so cheap I really don’t mind at all. So much looking forward to spring kickin’ in, hopefully any day now. How’s the weather where you guys live? 

Saline Simon

Neon red hair

January 28, 2014
The past six months has sort of been a hair adventure for me. I’ve been through pink, blonde, yellow, green and every nuance of purple you can imagine before ending on a very stubborn unwelcome blue. For a few months I’ve been playing with the thought of going red, just try to it. Red used to be one of my favorite colors that you would always see me in when I was younger, and so yesterday boredom hit me and I went red. I still prefer my pastels, but this is gonna be fun for a while. After this I have one more (very drastic change of) hair color I wanna try out before I go back to pale pink and bleached brows. Oh ps. I forgot my flat iron in Germany, so I’m kind of in the middle of a hair crisis.
What do you guys think? I’m very excited for your reactions! ♥
Saline Simon

Outfit | Undercover

January 9, 2014

H&M hat – Holy Malice sunnies – second hand faux fur – second hand shirt – Rose Wholesale skirt – Rose Wholesale bag – old boots 

Running erands on no sleep, literally, sometimes feel a lot easier with a little disguise. The weather is windy and wet today so my floppy hat and sunnies don’t just hide my face from the world, but also protects me from mother nature. The sidebraid is both practical for the weather situation and for hiding how bad my extensions need a trim, which I will hopefully be able to do tonight before leaving for Germany tomorrow! I’ll be away for nine days, so lot’s of outfit posts from beautiful Nürnberg will follow. The skirt and bag are both new and worked so well for this comfy-no-sleep-running-erands-in-disquise-look, while the boots have been a staple winter item in my wardrobe for around ten years soon. These pictures (and many more to come) was taken by my wonderful friend and photographer Rebecca Bregnum. How is the weather where you guys live?