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Fall kickin in

October 19, 2015
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Hey guys. It’s been a while – hope you’re all doing great. I’m currently blogging from the passenger seat of my boyfriend’s car. We’re driving home to Copenhagen after a long weekend visiting my family in Jutland. It was his first time meeting my family and it went great. Well.. Expect for me nearly coughing up my lungs and/or drowning in snot. Having the flu is so delicious.
Anyway, fall has arrived and it’s beautiful and I’ve started taking more pictures again lately, so if my boyfriend keeps urging me to blog, maybe I’ll start posting more frequently. In all honesty, I never stopped feeling like a blogger or grew tired of doing this. The makeup artist part of my life just really took over the past year and a half. Have a lovely week everyone.
Everyday Life Saline Simon

Looking back at 2014

December 31, 2014
This year has been so crazy and full of big changes and new chapters for me. It was the year that I finally settled in here in Copenhagen for real and it’s been a year full of exciting career opportunities and new amazing people met. So to recap, here’s what I’ve been up to in 2014, highlighting month by month.
Starting the year out real Hollywood-style (well, except for the 11 hour train ride) by travelling to Bavaria in Southeastern Germany to meet the possible love of my life. Turns out he wasn’t, but I also got to meet and stay with the fabulous Yami Maya who was as great in real life and he is online. He showed me around Nürnberg, we partied with awesome people, filmed this video and had a RuPaul’s Dragrace marathon. I also spent one night in Munich, seeing the city and partying in our hotel room having a who-can-drink-more-vodka contest with not-love-of-my-life-guy and his friends. Cheers to travelling!
Pretty sure (shoe) shopping and pizza was the highlight of this month. Went through a little heartache, but my oh my, it was so good for my wardrobe haha. Spent the first half of February working on different photoshoots, doing makeup on Zebra Katz for Vice amongst other things, and then spent the other half of the month visiting family and friends all over the country.
March was spent basically being siamese twins with Rebecca. I think we almost spent more days together than apart. I remember a string of fabulous parties, modelling on the beach in five degree weather and an unnatural amount of friends moving places this month. Having my red hair back was also preeetty exciting.
April was pretty much shits and giggles. At least, shits and giggles is all I recall. But that’s okay. Sometimes that’s all you need. It was also the month I dyed my hair black for the first time in years. Something about going back to your roots can be very powerful, and I guess that was relevant for me at that time. 
In May I took over my friend’s apartment for a week to watch over her kitty while she was away. It’s a fabulous apartment with balcony, bathtub and the best kitchy home decor I’ve ever seen in real life. Living there for a week made me realize how much I was dying to get my own place again and not live in shoeboxes.. And now seven months later, here I am, drinking a cup of liqourice-mint-lavender tea while typing this, in my own apartment (with a balcony!) watching the snow slowly fall outside. Sometimes all you need is a little reminder about what you need to work hard for, and this is what happened in May. 
I survived my very first Distortion in June! Well, barely.. Actually I only survived one day of it, but I’m still a real Copenhagen-er, pshh! I also went to my third Roskilde Festival, which was kind of a disappointment, but at least I got to see some cool bands like The Rolling Stones, Haim, Trentemøller, Rob Zombie, Lykke Li, Sleigh Bells, Bastille and Kavinsky. I also nailed a job interview + makeup test in June and in general just spent hours listening to music while laying in soft grass, soaking up the summer weather.
July was a turning point for me. The same week I started working for Makeup Forever, I also moved into my own apartment for the first time in almost two years. Small and ugly as it was, it was still mine, and being there all while having the most amazing colleagues in the world improved my life by a million. I may not live in that apartment anymore or have the same job, but I still do lunch with my old colleagues as often as we can. The fabulous Jason Simone (drumroll, please!) also came by Copenhagen and stayed with me for four days, and we had so much fun – you can hear more in his Euro Trip video by pressing his name. Hopefully I’ll be visiting him in New York in 2015!
I have absolutely no idea what happened in August other than dyeing my hair My Little Pony rainbow colored, doing lot’s of exciting makeup looks at work, spotting Maggie Gyllenhaal randomly at work and in general just loving summertime. That must be a good sign, right?

I spent most of September being slightly panicked and over-the-top excited, which is FYI, a very strange way to feel. I was headhunted by Urban Decay to be a part of their first Scandinavian team of makeup artists. After much speculation, I quit my amazing job at Makeup Forever, said yes to their offer, and jumped right into it. Sofie and I also helped May hosting her party at Club Jupiter by wearing gag balls and whipping naughty people (which I mostly don’t remember at all) as shown so gracefully above haha. 
October might just be my favorite month of the year because I love Halloween more than any other holiday, and this year we had huge events in Makeup Forever, doing a million crazy makeup looks all month, had our trainer do amazing bodypaint in Sephora and lastly did so many cool looks on our costumers before they went to Halloween parties. Here I am with my wonderful old boss Liv and buddy Victoria (in the middle) who also run a blog right hereamongst my favorite looks this month was this Roy Lichtenstein one that randomly got around 7500 notes on tumblr. 
Oh, November.. Starting the month with the yearly Coma Club party, literally going out drenched in glitter, the week after hosting a party in Malmö with Kyle Farmery and the DuoRaw couple, obviously with Rebecca by my side and not long after – finally launching Urban Decay! The launch party was great, the grand opening just insane and now a month and a half later, already seeing it be such a successful brand in Scandinavia has just been overwhelming and so, so great. November was a bliss.

Oh, the highlight of December.. It must, without a doubt, be that moment when Jakob tried to pick my nose and his friend snapped a picture of it on the night that we celebrated my new apartment with a bottle of champagne, beer and music. Honestly I could have lived without the finger-in-my-nose-part, but truly the highlight of this month has been to finally get a real home again. And it wouldn’t really be my new home without Jakob having seen it too. I feel so grounded and calm here. I love waking up every morning and enjoy my new view with a cup of tea. In summer my balcony will be perfect for this. 

But all in all, this year has been crazy in every way, both good and bad. Mostly good, but I think life handing you a few hard times only makes you stronger and I actually appreciate that. Earlier today I went to wish my old colleagues at Makeup Forever a Happy New Year (and pick up eyelashes!) and when we closed the shop at work I had a glass of champagne with my new colleagues. Now I’m ready to go wash out my hairdye and get all dolled up for the party tonight! A big thank you to every one of you for supporting, commenting and interacting with me this year. I truly appreciate all of you so much <3 Have a fabulous night  and jump into 2015 safely, guys! See you next year!

(And here’s a little last selfie of the year)

Saline Simon

Winter break photodiary

March 3, 2014
Starting the winter break off with bright sunlight, warmer weather and much happiness before leaving home
 to go stay with my family for a while..
Seeing my most favorite person on this planet, my littlebrother, and just getting to chill with him win over him in beer drinking competitions was perfect. Oh, and also trying real hard to selfie, you guys..
Then spending time secondhand shopping with my grandmother in Haderslev, which has the best secondhand shops ever, baking the banana cupcakes I posted about around christmas for my family, and really getting time to reconnect with myself, before..
Visiting these lil babes in Kolding. We went to grab a sunday beer at Knud’s, but..
Obviously we ended up having a small sunday party at Christine’s alotment garden.

Slightly hungover, but not really, we decided to go out and enjoy the amazing weather. Eating lunch by the creek, getting my usual vanilla chai latte and shooting outfit photos for you guys. We also decided to get best-friend-tattoos, but gave up on finding a proper place to get them, so we went home, drank tea, watched Absolutely Fabulous and New Girl before picking up yummy asian food and just having a gurls night in.

We celebrated the return of spring with a bottle of martini on the terrace before I went back to my family for another few days..

And after a very emotional week trying to let go of someone special to me..

Doing a lot of retail therapy, removing all colors from my clothing rack, and watching way too much Orange Is The New Black has been the only things I’ve been feeling like doing.

But now it’s monday, the winter break is over, a busy week is ahead of me and sleeping in my own bed after two weeks does feel pretty good. What have you guys been doing in your winter break? ♥

Saline Simon

Instagram photo diary

December 11, 2013
I’ve moved, reconnected with myself, adopted cactus babies and cut my bangs short again.

I’ve been visiting the new MAC Store more than once & cuddled with this little thing.

I’ve been partying too much and also found a new bluehaired soulmate.

I’ve read Cover Magazine during long trainrides, taking a very familiar bustrip and partied in my old city.

I’ve had an unexpected nachos & daiquiries date, been pineapple obsessed, and had best friend hangovers in my hometown.

I’ve celebrated halloween with the lovely lady in the middle looking something like a wet mermaid, a cavewoman and other kind of freaky thingsstuffsomething.

I’ve been invited to blogger events, went shopping for an outfit to another blogger event and hung out in a piercing studio discussing next year with a friend.

I’ve been pretty fond of black eyeshadow, had my littlebrother visiting for a day and taking him out for asian food and been obsessed with crimped hair.

I’ve worn my brown wig during a hair crisis, loved having my own room after I moved, spent way too much money on candles, and also dressed up like someone from Beverly Hills 90210.

And lastly I’ve been crazy ill, crazy happy & made crazy changes in my life.

Guys, please let me know what you think about this way of doing instagram photo diaries? Do you like this best or my usual photo diary posts better hihihe? ♥

Saline Simon

Moving days

August 10, 2013

Yesterday the day came when my littlebrother moved away from home. We helped him move to his new home – a small island here in Denmark – where he will go to school for the next three years. Some friends of the family helped as well and we actually had a really nice if you consider the small amount of sleep we all got + saying goodbye to my babybrother (okay, he’s 17) without knowing when I’ll see him again 🙁
Today I’ve been meaning to pack since I’m moving on wednesday, but all I’ve accomplished today is watching the first seven episodes of 2 Broke Girls.. I know, don’t judge, it’s just such a good show and Kat Dennings is amazing as always! I better kick myself in the butt now (soon) and start packing. I also have to upload the video I filmed yesterday of our moving day. Have a fabulous saturday guys ♥