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Saline Simon

Days to recharge

January 24, 2014

This is what you’ll find me doing on days where I just need a break to reconnect with myself and find new energy. Shamelessly having breakfast in bed with a bunch of magazines and comfy, cuddly socks. Yoga on my carpet before taking a long shower, then pampering my skin with DIY masks, mixtures and different oils. Catching up on blogs and videos while eating lunch and sitting by my computer. Fixing my nails, hair and watching tons of movies will most likely also be on my list. 

What do you guys do on days like these? 

Saline Simon

Current music love

December 27, 2013

I have been listening to a lot of peaceful, cheerful, slightly electronic music lately. No idea why, but it put’s me in this certain mood that has made me so happy the past few weeks. There’s a few great channels on youtube that only post music like this and my favorites are thesoundyouneed and majestic casual. Here’s a bunch of my most listened to tracks, I really recommend this music if you’re feeling stressed or just need something to chill too. 

Saline Simon

Pastel christmas inspiration

December 18, 2013
This christmas my biggest obsession has been pale winter wonderlands and pastel everything. I love how pastel christmas is so untraditional but in the same time just so appropriate. During december I get really sick of seeing red and dark green everywhere I turn and pale pink, mint green and baby blue is so much more girly and easy for the eye. I’ve found some amazing christmas photos with an atmosphere that’s right up my alley since this month I’ve sadly not been able to decorate at all.
I’m currently waiting for my homemade sugarcookies to cool down so I can start decorating them with buttercream and sprinkles. Hopefully they turned out okay, but I’m gonna let my brother test them tomorrow haha. My camera still hasn’t arrived 🙁 I even called the shop both yesterday and this morning and they couldn’t give me any useful information. I’m crossing my fingers it will come tomorrow instead. 
Saline Simon

10 Christmas favorites

December 11, 2013
Scented candles with deep, yummy scents of vanilla and chocolate. I’m loving the Tindra collection from IKEA. They’ve been burning in my room for almost two weeks and the smell never get’s old or overwhelming. The cream colored one smells like waffles and vanilla ice cream, and I definitely need to restock soon.

I can’t get enough of big, fluffy, faux fur pillows to cuddle up with while watching movies or reading blogs, it adds such a warm and cozy feeling to the room and helps you stay hot too. I bought a big pillow similar to the white one in IKEA and the colorful ones I found at Amazon.

Hot chocolate, lot’s of it. It’s really an essential for me during christmas time and I love how you can make it your own. Some favorite ingredients of mine: soy milk or almond milk, vanilla ice cream, cinnamon, chopped chocolate either white or very dark to sprinkle on top and even served with belgium waffle sticks on the side. Yum!

Christmas gift shopping! It’s a perfect way of getting in the right christmas mood. I’ve personally been doing a lot of my gift shopping online this year (you’re free from the hazzle of screaming children, too many people in the stores and having to walk around looking for just the right thing + you can sit inside with your fluffy fur pillows and drink hot chocolate!)

Allowing yourself to watch at least a few of your favorite holiday movies. Mine includes The Grinch, all the Home Alone movies and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Playing around in the magical first snow that, if you’re lucky, sometimes fall in december. Winter wonderlands are amazing and even though getting hit by a snowball – yes this actually almost happened to my friends and I this weekend – going for a long walk and getting lost in the snow will always be an amazing thing.

Baking beautiful christmas treats, cakes and goodies. Christmas is the one time of year where I really allow myself to eat too many sweets and I’ve found a few really lovely vegan recipes that I’m going to try out. My littlebrother will be visiting next week before going on the grand family visiting tour, so I’m going to wait until next week with going bakery crazy. I’ll be sure to post the recipes that I like on my blog.


Making the perfect playlist with all your favorite christmas and holiday songs to play for you and your family on christmas eve and the days before and after. If you’re too lazy or don’t have time to make your own, there are a ton of nice on already on youtube. Here’s one paired with a fireplace video. Doesn’t get much better than that, huh?

The perfect sweater. There is nothing better to wear in christmas time, and a sweater can do so many things. No matter if they’re thick knitted, ripped, lavender or any chocolate/earth/cinnamon color or even raindeer printed, this is a must have for me. They don’t even have to be ugly and christmas like.. But they can be. All sweaters picked at and

Ah, the final, but not to be forgotten thing on my list – glögg. Also called mulled wine in english, is mostly, I think, a nordic christmas tradition that I remember drinking in both Germany, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It’s made by redwine, different spices and raisins and you drink it hot in the winter months! Everyone make it differently, and there’s a ton of other ingredients you can add to make it more personal. I just need this for christmas, it kinda completes this whole month. Have any of you guys tried it? And what are some of your christmas favorites?

Saline Simon

Sunday look + music love

October 6, 2013

Hey guys! Happy sunday! I’ve been home for one week now and I feel wonderful, I’m even starting to miss Copenhagen a little so that must be a good sign. I’m just having a nice, relaxing sunday with minimal makeup and messy hair and it’s been so good catching up with friends and family. What have you guys been up to today? Below I’ll link some favorite music from today, for your listening pleasure.