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Saline Simon

Top 10 fashion picks

February 18, 2014
I’m back with a new Top 10 of items I’m currently lusting over from all over the internet. Craving everything black, white, clear and grey – lot’s of textures and materials, and shapes that stand out enough for not much color or accessorising to be needed. I’m loving contrast and this is honestly the shoppinglist that I’m currently going for. Also finally stumbled across a pretty good knock off of the Stella McCartney tread shoes, and they just happen to come in my size which is more than you can say about other models like them.. Now I just need to choose between those and the Jeffrey Campbell Scully’s on preorder. What would you guys go with?
Saline Simon

What I would wear in christmas time

November 26, 2013

Simply lines. Thick materials. Plaids, lace and faux leather. These are all things that I’m absolutely lusting over right now, and all things will be perfect for winter. I’m obsessed with plaids (which I guess you can say the highstreet is too, just my luck huh?) but I feel like the fabric doesn’t have to be plain and boring as long as the lines are. Not feeling over accessorizing either, I really feel like keeping it simple in every way – top it off with a pair of over knee heels, some warm tights, the perfect red lipstick and a black hat with ears and you’re ready to go.

I’ve picked out all of these items over at, they have so many great pieces in just the right colors for christmas and the holiday season. I’m planning on dying my hair bright red really soon so everything green, yellow, white and black will be fabulous with my new hair. Oh and links to all items can be found on my polyvore right here.

What are you guys lusting over for the holiday season? 

Saline Simon

Karen Walker Eyewear

November 11, 2013

Intergalactic, $399, shop here

Orbit, $349, shop here

Rowdy, $349, shop here

Lately I have been drooling over this amazing eyewear by Karen Walker. I love the strong shapes mixed with the use of color. The price – not so much though.. Oh, sunglasses, why must you be so fabulous?! What do yous think, would you rock these sunnies?

Saline Simon

Juju Jellies

September 15, 2013

I have been sort of loving the juju jelly shoes for the past few months, at first I absolutely hated them because they reminded me of the notorious crocs, but something about them just bring back nostalgic childhood memories to me, and they go hand in hand with my small obsession with plastic clothes. They are just kitch enough to be perfect. Kind of bummed summer is over, but I’ve grabbed a very affordable pair of pastel pink jellies on eBay (I’ve sinned again) that will be perfect for next year in spring. 

What do you guys think of these shoes?

Saline Simon

Real life sexy sweaters – sweaters with realistic photos

September 10, 2013
Do you guys remember my old posts about sexy sweaters back in 2011 when the tumblr trend really took off and everyone was obsessing over sweaters with real pictures? Well, it never really became a thing in real life, but I recently discovered an amazing online store with a ton of different sweaters like the ones Sexy Sweaters made a few years back. I instantly fell in love with a bunch of their items and just thought I would share it with you as well. I picked out my favorites above, but you can click here to check out more.

Would you wear some of these this fall? I’m craving the pearl sweater!