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Saline Simon

Outfit | Pink fall

September 12, 2014
Retro silk jacket – secondhand lace top – eBay faux leather skirt – Nelly pumps
I was so excited about fall arriving that I kind of underestimated the weather and put on this amazing silk jacket that my grandma gave me last week. I really didn’t think silk would be so warm, but I actually had to fan myself in the subway on my way to visit a new friend. The rest of the outfit, except from the top, is all new and I have more fall items waiting for me at the post office, yaaaay! I can’t wait to show you guys more upcoming fall outfits ♥
Saline Simon

Outfit | Flower crowns and jumpsuits

August 7, 2014
Sweet As Candy flower crown – second hand jumpsuit – H&M belt – eBay sandals – Romwe sunnies
Last fall I spotted this jumpsuit in Wasteland here in Copenhagen and kept coming back to look and fall more and more in love with it. I never got around to actually buying it since I had temporarily banned myself from shopping, but the bubblegum blue color was just so appealing and it fit like it was made for me. Anyway, Sofie started working in Wasteland and kept an eye on it for me. One day after a sleepover I stayed at Sofie’s while she was at work, and when she came home she told me that she had both good and bad news for me. I asked to hear the bad news first and she told me that my jumpsuit was gone. I can imagine the sadness on my face that stayed for a few seconds until Sofie continued: but the good news is, that I bought it for you! I was in awe. It was one of the sweetest gifts I had ever received and for that reason this piece of clothing is so precious to me. 
All photos by photographer Rebecca Bregnum
Saline Simon

Kimono love at Ark Clothing

June 23, 2014
Lately I’ve been completely obsessed with the idea of kimonos. Not the traditional Asian kimono, but the more modern day style that can be worn casual as everyday wear. I have been all over eBay and my usual favorite online stores to find the perfection selection but without any luck, until..
discovering Ark Clothing. They have the perfect selection of kimonos in all the different lenghts, shapes, fabrics and prints you could ever want and imagine. I’m not sure if it’s the festival season that just started here or my slight love for 90’s looking outfits lately that have me obsessed, but my god, I want all of them. 

What I love most about kimonos is their way of being really versatile. They can add that perfect touch of grungy-ness to your outfit or be super girly worn with creams, pastels and flowers in your hair. What I especially love is that they allow you to wear very minimal clothes during those really hot summer days – heeey Roskilde Festival, I’ll see you in six days – but without feeling too exposed. They act as a sort of comfortable cover-up and at the same time make your outfit look cool. Bonus.
I’ve picked out my favorites for you guys and now I just need to decide which one I should get and bring with me to Roskilde. All the kimonos range from £15 to £45 so there is definitely something for everyone – you can go check out the entire selection over at Ark Clothing. Which one is your favorite? ♥

Saline Simon

Friday Outfit

May 16, 2014
H&M sequin dress – Ellos shoes – H&M seashell earrings – Holy Malice sunnies
All week I have been wanting to wear this dress with some sort of messy/fabulous hairdo, but I kept thinking friday would be the perfect day to do so even though I won’t be going out. Mie Maja told me it’s the same model as this dress that I’m sure you guys have seen me in a million times – there’s just something about the shape and lines of it that I’m really diggin’. This might also be the last outfit post of this week since Mie Maja is returning tomorrow, but we’ll see if I have time to do another look. Which of the looks from this week has been your favorite, guys? 
I’m gonna call it a day, jump to bed with Sex & The City (I’m obsessed, again) and cuddle with the kitty. Sure will be missing this when I leave! Have a fun friday everyone! ♥
Saline Simon

Thursday Outfit

May 15, 2014

Luxe dress (probably secondhand!) – Jeffrey Campbell shoes – DIY daisy headband – H&M ring

Today the sun finally came around and I’ve spent all day on the balcony enjoying what feels like summer. I’ve also been listening to 50’s and 60’s music endlessly, so I guess that’s what inspired this sort of simple/boring outfit. I have decided that I definitely need a daisy head band like this ASAP. And The Jeffrey Campbell rainbow shoes wouldn’t hurt my collection either.

Have you guys had a great thursday? I have already picked out the dress I’m gonna wear tomorrow – it is fabulous! See you soon!