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Saline Simon

Purple bun and doll eyes

December 14, 2013
On thursday I was turning my sleeping pattern around, so in these photos I hadn’t slept for just around twenty hours (a total of thirtytwo hours when I finally slept!!) so as you guys can probably guess I was wearing my bodyweight in Illamasqua concealer, went as overboard as I could with my L’oreal Carbon Gloss liquid liner, a tiny amount of random grey eyeshadow to fill in my brows and crease, a bit of Illamasqua’s Nymph blush bring back some color to my face, MAC Saint Germain lipstick, Silver Dusk as highlighter both on my cupid’s bow and cheekbones and finally some very cheap eyelashes from eBay that looks something like this – they’re horrible to apply because they’re way too firm, but I like the way they look. Oh and I’m also wearing this eyeliner on my waterline to reduce redness.     
Saline Simon

A few shots from yesterday.

September 25, 2011
This weekend went by so fast, I can’t believe it. Yesterday I was visiting some family and that’s basically what my weekend consisted of besides and a lot of trainriding. Not very exiting and on top of that I have been ridiculously tired the last couple of days but without being able to sleep. Hurray. I also went back to rainbow hair but you probably can’t see anything on these overexposed pictures.
Saline Simon

New in.

August 24, 2011

Nelly Bielawa wedges – oversized cateyes sunnies

Being sick really sucks, but getting delicious new ins always cheers you up. As I talked about earlier, I wanted to get some new wedges that I’ve been drooling over on and when I checked their page this saturday the shoes were 73% off! Crazy, so of course I had to get them. I ordered them in a size 41, but they feel like a small 40, so be aware of that if you wanna get them too. The sunnies I got from ebay, I’ve been needing som fabulous cateyes and I really like these. Anyway, I’ll have some outfit posts up when I feel better.