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Saline Simon

Nürnberg photodiary

January 22, 2014
Starting the year off with nine days in Bayern was pretty much perfect for me. I haven’t been travelling since my trip to London in 2012, so it was wonderful to get a change of scenes. From monday to friday I stayed with Yami Maya and on friday I went on a one day trip to beautiful Munich with my boyfriend and two of his friends. I sort of fell in love with that city – the mixture of strip clubs, casinos and neon lights in contrast to Bavarian churches and old architecture seemed perfect to me and we had a beautiful view from our hotel room as shown on the last picture. On friday night we went out for dinner and I had one of the best pizzas in my life (which says a lot!) in the mediterranian resturant of Marriott Courtyard before having a party in our hotel room. My grey faux fur coat, oversized floppy hat and vanilla macchiatos have been three essentials for me during this trip, perfect for the rainy, semi-cold weather. Next stop is Berlin or Amsterdam!
Saline Simon

Tuesday drinks and catching up.

August 2, 2011

The weather today was extremely hot, so picking some clothes this morning was not a big deal. A flowy, black dress, my favorite summer hat bought in Greece last year and some black sunnies. My best friend Sebastian and I went to this nice little café and got some drinks. There is nothing like a cold Cosmopolitan or Piña Colada on a day like this. I got a dark purple Louis Vuitton inspired fox tail as a late birthday present, which I really love.