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Lanzarote Photodiary

March 21, 2016
Kenneth and I just came back from one week on Lanzarote, Canary Islands, which is probably the prettiest place I have ever been in my entire life. Also, it was our first holiday together, so that probably added to the magical feeling as well haha. As you guys know we live in Scandinavia and the winters here are long and cold. It was the perfect time to get away just before spring kicks in here. We had around 21-23 degrees most days and were able to tan, swim in the ocean and wear lighter clothes.
We stayed at Blue Sea Hotel in Puerto del Carmen. The hotel was in the older part of town, but only a twenty minute stroll to the newer part of town with restaurants, bars, and shopping all located on the beachfront. We also spent a day in the capital Arrecife and two days in Playa Blanca (which is literally Paradise on earth) swimming in the crystal clear water and chilling on the golden sand. I can definitely imagine going back to Lanzarote and the Canary Islands again some day. However our next trip is to Gumbet, Turkey in September with Kenneth’s family and I’m very excited about that too.
I’m off from work today, so just wanted to check in and share these photos with you guys. Gonna have a look at the video clips i filmed during the holiday and see if it’s worth anything. Much love! ?
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Fall kickin in

October 19, 2015
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Hey guys. It’s been a while – hope you’re all doing great. I’m currently blogging from the passenger seat of my boyfriend’s car. We’re driving home to Copenhagen after a long weekend visiting my family in Jutland. It was his first time meeting my family and it went great. Well.. Expect for me nearly coughing up my lungs and/or drowning in snot. Having the flu is so delicious.
Anyway, fall has arrived and it’s beautiful and I’ve started taking more pictures again lately, so if my boyfriend keeps urging me to blog, maybe I’ll start posting more frequently. In all honesty, I never stopped feeling like a blogger or grew tired of doing this. The makeup artist part of my life just really took over the past year and a half. Have a lovely week everyone.
Saline Simon

Day 13. What’s in your fridge?

March 25, 2011
My fridge. What a boring subject!
Most of the time there’s actually not much in it, 
cause I live alone, but here it is
So as you can see, not much fun!
My boyfriend just wanted me to add, that he’s the mastermind
behind the good Heinz-ketchup. And the pickles are not mine.
Haha. But here you go, my fridge. 
Saline Simon

Day 8. A photo of someone you like, and a song to match your mood.

March 4, 2011
Sorry about only posting my blog challenges lately,
I’ll do better next week!
I really like this remix of Lady Gaga’s new
”Government Hooker”
and i’m in love with Thierry Mugler’s
Autumn/Winter collection.
I am really happy today. 
This week has been amazing.
My hair is almost blond at the moment,
but i don’t know about keeping it,
i really liked having pink hair, so i’m thinking about going pastel pink!
My boyfriend is coming in an hour to spend the weekend with me,
i really miss him. It’s horrible.
 Actually we’re gonna move together soon!


Oh well.. Gotta take a shower before he gets here.
Bye darlings! 
Saline Simon

2010, pink hair and a new design!

January 9, 2011
First of all!
I’m gonna do my blog in english from now on, so more people can read it.

So. I dyed my hair pink, and i really love it.
I’ve been so bad to my hair the last year, so my plan is to stick to the pink
and let my hair grow thick and long again.
But here it is –

I’m so glad 2010 finally ended.
For me, it was a chaotic year, with lots of changes, lots of bad episodes, a long, bad crush
and the death of a person i really loved.
I moved away from home in April, which was kind of hard now and then,
i’ve had way too much stuff in my head, to care more about myself, 
the people i love, and most of all my education. 
People have been feeling, that i’ve changed a lot, and for that i’m sorry..
So, i can’t wait to start living 2011 in a much better way!

I got a new boyfriend, which is probably one of the best things that have happened
to me in a very long time. He’s amazing, and i really feel that for once,
it’s really going to work.
The way i feel around him, is totally new to me,
and he makes me feel like a little girl in love.
One of the best parts of him must be his love for Quentin Tarantino –
my favourite instructor. Haha. Well.. Silly thing.
Here we are <3

My new year’s eve ended better than i expected.
Sebastian came to Kolding, we talked for an hour at my place, and then
we went to new year’s party at Halfdan.
I was reeeeally drunk – as always – 
but luckily for me, my darling friends carried me all the way home.
Thanks! Sadly, i broke my pink stiletto.
I think i’m gonna end for now, but i’ll probably update some more,
now that my design is finished.

New Year pictures:


Kisses, Sebastian Simon.