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Saline Simon

Outfit | Dots and roses

April 2, 2014
Sheinside shirt – vintage scarf – Romwe skirt – secondhand heels – eBay sunnies
This outfit should probably be called how-to-dress-inappropriately-in-windy-weather. I may or may not have flashed at least one hundred innocent people today – by accident, of course! Also I couldn’t be more happy with my new, black hair. It just feels so natural and right at the moment and something about it made me wanna dress in a more romantic way today. Big mistake if you take the weather into consideration, but I love all these pieces paired together. 
Photos by Rebecca Bregnum
Saline Simon

Bright, red, long hair

March 4, 2014
New chapter, new hair, new beginning. 2014, I am ready for you. I was having doubts about how this would feel, but oh my, this looks exactly like how I feel right now. No colors, just red. There’s something really strong about a color like this, which is just what I need. So excited about rocking this look for the next few months. What do you guys think?
Ps. This song is on repeat today, so much love for this.
Saline Simon

Top 10 fashion picks

February 18, 2014
I’m back with a new Top 10 of items I’m currently lusting over from all over the internet. Craving everything black, white, clear and grey – lot’s of textures and materials, and shapes that stand out enough for not much color or accessorising to be needed. I’m loving contrast and this is honestly the shoppinglist that I’m currently going for. Also finally stumbled across a pretty good knock off of the Stella McCartney tread shoes, and they just happen to come in my size which is more than you can say about other models like them.. Now I just need to choose between those and the Jeffrey Campbell Scully’s on preorder. What would you guys go with?
Saline Simon

Outfit | Patent leather, lace & green fur

January 6, 2014
I like the idea of mixing different materials and textures, especially in wintertime where you won’t overheat and die from wearing faux fur or patent leather. The shoulder warmer is a recent H&M newin that I showed you guys along with the Topshop skirt too. This is pretty close to my new years outfit, except my hair was straight and I wore no jewelry or accessories. I’m also convinced that the shoulder warmer will start to look rather dingy after a few wears due to the quality, bohoo.

It’s so funny to me that patent leather has become so big when only five years ago people would point their fingers at me on the street and wrinkle their noses, and now you see it all over the high-street. This Topshop skirt really do both look and feel nice compared to patent leather items bought for a lot cheaper in erotic boutiques.

Last summer I went to a fleamarket that I always visit while staying at my grandmother, we go there after having spent a few hours by a beach that I’ve went to since I was a little kid, and usually all three of us – grandmother, littlebrother and I – find at least two things to take along with us. I bought the ring from the picture above and have been wearing it like crazy the last few months for obvious reasons. The earrings are 80’s vintage.

Saline Simon

Black lips.

March 16, 2012
I decided to go for black lipstick tonight. I really like the idea of being totally colorless and just be completely black and white. It’s so pretty. Not really a look I can go for a lot since my hair is usually pastel pink or rainbow dyed, but at times like this it’s very enjoyable. Almost look like myself four years ago.