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Lanzarote Photodiary

March 21, 2016
Kenneth and I just came back from one week on Lanzarote, Canary Islands, which is probably the prettiest place I have ever been in my entire life. Also, it was our first holiday together, so that probably added to the magical feeling as well haha. As you guys know we live in Scandinavia and the winters here are long and cold. It was the perfect time to get away just before spring kicks in here. We had around 21-23 degrees most days and were able to tan, swim in the ocean and wear lighter clothes.
We stayed at Blue Sea Hotel in Puerto del Carmen. The hotel was in the older part of town, but only a twenty minute stroll to the newer part of town with restaurants, bars, and shopping all located on the beachfront. We also spent a day in the capital Arrecife and two days in Playa Blanca (which is literally Paradise on earth) swimming in the crystal clear water and chilling on the golden sand. I can definitely imagine going back to Lanzarote and the Canary Islands again some day. However our next trip is to Gumbet, Turkey in September with Kenneth’s family and I’m very excited about that too.
I’m off from work today, so just wanted to check in and share these photos with you guys. Gonna have a look at the video clips i filmed during the holiday and see if it’s worth anything. Much love! ?
Saline Simon

Modelling for Therese de Lemos

March 22, 2014

I did some modelling for a really sweet girl called Therese de Lemos a few weeks ago. She needed the photos for a school project – it was something about humans in the landscape, and so we shot these photos in 5 degree weather on a beach. Even after almost freezing to death, I love how the picture turned out. Everything pale and cold, and then my red hair in contrast. What do you guys think?

Saline Simon

Weekend in Copenhagen

August 1, 2013
This post took me two days to finish hahah! Lazyness! I had an amazing weekend at the chef’s place, we ate a lovely vegedinner on friday before getting ready for a night out at the gay club CC, we went there with a new friend of mine who I’ll hopefully spend a lot more time with! Saturday we went to a huge birthday party at High Voltage, but it was sooo hot that we mostly stayed outside getting drunk.. Sunday we went to the beach (and I caaaan’t stop, and I woooon’t stop..) and monday to a gay picnic followed by a night out in town!
..on tuesday my grandma lured me home with cheeseburgers c:
Saline Simon

Another day at the beach

July 25, 2013

Yesterday I forced my (hungover) brother and his girlfriend to the beach with me, I don’t know what has gotten into me but I constantly want to swim in the ocean and play in the sand with my feet : D It’s been so hot the past week that I haven’t even been able to film any proper videos, really sorry guys.. Tomorrow I’ll head to Copenhagen for the weekend!
Oh ps. Notice how long my hair is getting, I’m so happyyyy!
Saline Simon

Beach days

July 24, 2013
I’ve had an amazing weekend by the western ocean. On friday some friend’s from my old boardingschool came to pick me up and we drove super fast back to one of them listening to insanely loud music while my friend Ditte (on the last photo) and I screamed most of the way. We partied all night, broke a trampoline – my legs are so scatched up after this months shenanigans – and I fell asleep in a beautiful hammock. Saturday started out with more beer, french fries and driving to a beautiful beach. I actually went swimming in the ocean which I haven’t done since my trip to Greece. We also went to another party and on sunday to the beach once more before I went home! So much fuuuun!