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Saline Simon

I finally got my new camera!

December 29, 2013
I came home from visiting my family during christmas last afternoon and was SO happy to finally get my new Canon EOS 600D camera. Words can not describe my excitement, but sadly it was too dark to really test it and see what kinda pictures it can take, so I decided to wait until today and take a walk in a beautiful nature reserve.
I’m always amazed by how beautiful Denmark can be in winter time. The colors are so strong and vivid,
 especially in contrast to the leaveless trees and grey skies.
I can now selfie much, much better hahaha. Although.. My computer is still getting fixed
so editing away undereye shadows has become a big deal now that I don’t
have my beloved photoshop.
I love how crisp the photos are (I have to figure out how to make them crisp after uploading them to the blog too though). Sort of just wandered around for a few hours while trying out different functions and playing around with it. This is such an easy camera to use and it honestly does a lot of the work for you – I think it would be great for first time users. The only pictures I’ve edited are the ones of me, just to show what it can actually do.
It got pretty cold after a while (only 5 degrees here right now) so I went back home to read the rest of the latest Vogue, drink more cleansing tea, eat avocados and look through the photos. These are all just for me to get to know my new camera, but I just wanted to share with you guys anyway. I can’t wait to completely change the mood of my blog. Happy sunday darlings!
Saline Simon

Stella McCartney vs. Jeffrey Campbell

December 28, 2013
I’ve had my eye on the Stella McCartney heavy tread shoes that has become an incredibly popular A/W 13 item. The over the top industrial vibe is completely balanced out by the clean, white color and I love that Stella used faux leather and thick rubber. They look so iconic and they’re beautiful in both black and white. I can however not find them anywhere online (any tips much appreciated!!) but I stumbled upon the Jeffrey Campbell Scully shoes that is obviously very inspired by Stella’s model – I like that the heel is higher, to me a tall heel is beautiful, but I feel like they’re such a ripoff that I would feel sad wearing them. The Scully’s are made from genuine leather which is a minus to me and you can almost see that the quality is in no way near the original model, especially when you own other Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I do love this design though, so my hunt for the original ones will continue!
What’s your thoughts guys? Would you feel fine wearing the Scully’s even when their such an obvious knock off?
Saline Simon

10 Christmas favorites

December 11, 2013
Scented candles with deep, yummy scents of vanilla and chocolate. I’m loving the Tindra collection from IKEA. They’ve been burning in my room for almost two weeks and the smell never get’s old or overwhelming. The cream colored one smells like waffles and vanilla ice cream, and I definitely need to restock soon.

I can’t get enough of big, fluffy, faux fur pillows to cuddle up with while watching movies or reading blogs, it adds such a warm and cozy feeling to the room and helps you stay hot too. I bought a big pillow similar to the white one in IKEA and the colorful ones I found at Amazon.

Hot chocolate, lot’s of it. It’s really an essential for me during christmas time and I love how you can make it your own. Some favorite ingredients of mine: soy milk or almond milk, vanilla ice cream, cinnamon, chopped chocolate either white or very dark to sprinkle on top and even served with belgium waffle sticks on the side. Yum!

Christmas gift shopping! It’s a perfect way of getting in the right christmas mood. I’ve personally been doing a lot of my gift shopping online this year (you’re free from the hazzle of screaming children, too many people in the stores and having to walk around looking for just the right thing + you can sit inside with your fluffy fur pillows and drink hot chocolate!)

Allowing yourself to watch at least a few of your favorite holiday movies. Mine includes The Grinch, all the Home Alone movies and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Playing around in the magical first snow that, if you’re lucky, sometimes fall in december. Winter wonderlands are amazing and even though getting hit by a snowball – yes this actually almost happened to my friends and I this weekend – going for a long walk and getting lost in the snow will always be an amazing thing.

Baking beautiful christmas treats, cakes and goodies. Christmas is the one time of year where I really allow myself to eat too many sweets and I’ve found a few really lovely vegan recipes that I’m going to try out. My littlebrother will be visiting next week before going on the grand family visiting tour, so I’m going to wait until next week with going bakery crazy. I’ll be sure to post the recipes that I like on my blog.


Making the perfect playlist with all your favorite christmas and holiday songs to play for you and your family on christmas eve and the days before and after. If you’re too lazy or don’t have time to make your own, there are a ton of nice on already on youtube. Here’s one paired with a fireplace video. Doesn’t get much better than that, huh?

The perfect sweater. There is nothing better to wear in christmas time, and a sweater can do so many things. No matter if they’re thick knitted, ripped, lavender or any chocolate/earth/cinnamon color or even raindeer printed, this is a must have for me. They don’t even have to be ugly and christmas like.. But they can be. All sweaters picked at and

Ah, the final, but not to be forgotten thing on my list – glögg. Also called mulled wine in english, is mostly, I think, a nordic christmas tradition that I remember drinking in both Germany, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It’s made by redwine, different spices and raisins and you drink it hot in the winter months! Everyone make it differently, and there’s a ton of other ingredients you can add to make it more personal. I just need this for christmas, it kinda completes this whole month. Have any of you guys tried it? And what are some of your christmas favorites?

Saline Simon

What I would wear in christmas time

November 26, 2013

Simply lines. Thick materials. Plaids, lace and faux leather. These are all things that I’m absolutely lusting over right now, and all things will be perfect for winter. I’m obsessed with plaids (which I guess you can say the highstreet is too, just my luck huh?) but I feel like the fabric doesn’t have to be plain and boring as long as the lines are. Not feeling over accessorizing either, I really feel like keeping it simple in every way – top it off with a pair of over knee heels, some warm tights, the perfect red lipstick and a black hat with ears and you’re ready to go.

I’ve picked out all of these items over at, they have so many great pieces in just the right colors for christmas and the holiday season. I’m planning on dying my hair bright red really soon so everything green, yellow, white and black will be fabulous with my new hair. Oh and links to all items can be found on my polyvore right here.

What are you guys lusting over for the holiday season? 

Saline Simon

KEA Empire Campus opening party with

October 14, 2013
I had the most amazing friday night with the sweet people from at the opening party at KEA Empire Campus here in Copenhagen. I was contacted by wantr after they noticed me in their master of trendspotting competition and asked me to come out and help them spot the most stylish people and promote the competition, so of course I said yes. I partied with the owner of wantr (the handsome guy in second picture), the blonde girl in third picture along with another lovely girl called Nina, our cool photographer and three of my most fabulous friends! I also kinda wanna marry the guy with the sweet smile and brown hair standing beside me, but I cant remember his name bohoo. There were lot’s of cute guys and so many beautiful girls and all in all it was a wonderful night! Thank you wantr ♥
I wore pumps bought in Jette Riis – eBay plastic clutch – romwe skirt – vintage Moschino belt – vintage silk shirt – eBay gold chain & a secondhand faux fur
all photos by Lars Norman Hestbæk