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HAPPY 2013!!

January 2, 2013

I hope everyone had a great new years eve and got safely in to 2013! I celebrated new years with two of my best friends, Lea & Christine, and Lea and I spent the day shopping for new years bling and glitter underwear, eating sushi, dolling up and getting tipsy before twelve. None of us had any real parties to attend to so se decided to go to a few bars and just have fun there – we met a lot of nice people and cute boys and I think we went to one of our friends parties for a few hours as well. Actually, that’s where we found the unicorn and giraffe hats! Well I ended up spending the night at a nice guys place and he drove me home yesterday, so I guess you can say I got a nice start on 2013. I also just want to thank everyone for 2012, it’s been such a crazy year for me and I can’t wait to see what 2013 have in store for me! Happy new years! ♥
Saline Simon


December 28, 2012
Last night I went to a christmas dinner at Lea’s place, it’s a very important tradition here in Denmark, most people get together for these christmas dinners during november & december and get super drunk and eat lot’s of food and act silly. And so I did. It was actually really lovely, at least what I can remember, which after two a clock isn’t much. This morning we wanted to go buy some chips, but the walking part was a lot harder than I thought : D I fell, on Lea.. So now she have bite marks on her knee and my lip is very swollen, it looks like someone beat me up. Oh well, what can you do – it was worth it.
Saline Simon


October 27, 2012
Oh last night was so much fun, I went to a halloween party at my friend Fie’s place with a costume (more like just makeup) heavily inspired by Illamasqua and mermaids. I ended up actually just looking like a freak of the night, but nonetheless I spent the night with sweet people, loud music and the finest whiskey on earth. I woke up at 10PM so it must have been a good party.
Saline Simon

Last Minute Halloween Makeup + DIY Fake Blood!

October 23, 2012
I decided that I had to do better on the halloween videos this year so I wanted to show you guys how to easily get a creative and scary look for all the halloween parties without having to spend a lot of time and effort doing it. It’s basically made from old makeup laying around and stuff most people can find in their kitchen. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love being covered in blood and makeup a few times a year? Fake blood, that is..

Saline Simon


August 14, 2012
I’m sorry for posting so rarely these days, I’ve just been enjoying myself and the summer weather, eating good food and drinking maybe a tiny bit too much vodka. My friend Lea has moved back to Kolding so yesterday I went to visit her and we spent our night with drinks, Billie Holiday, Peggy Sue and Louis Armstrong discussing most thing other people wouldn’t understand.

I wore a leopard Asos jumpsuit, secondhand flower blazer and UNIF Hellraisers

Earlier this week I went out with some friends to an outdoor movie theater to watch ”My Week With Marilyn” which by the way was such a great movie, Michelle Williams really did a great job portraying Marilyn and her story was as inspiring as ever. We also went out to dance after the movie and the night ended with.. Well, hangovers. Like right now. Gonna cuddle up in bed, eat some yummy food, maybe edit a video and watch a movie later.

I wore my oversized Bowie t-shirt that I use as a bathing suit on vacations, a vintage leopard skirt that has a beautiful and kind of daring slit in the side, vintage necklace from a fleamarket years ago and my scarf from Roskilde Festival 07′