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Saline Simon

Happy Halloween.

October 31, 2011
Since Halloween is on a monday this year I’m sure a lot of people celebrated this weekend or the next, so I just wanted to share a few Halloween inspired pictures to set the mood. I went to Copenhagen to Black Cat Halloween on friday and then und saturday I went to another halloween party on The Rock and later that night on a gay club called Club Christopher. So I’ve been enjoying myself and having fun with friends while being dressed as a black cat. Maybe I will actually go celebrating halloween again on friday, but we’ll see.
Saline Simon

Halloween memories.

October 12, 2011
Just thought that I wanted to share a few Halloween pictures with you. These pictures are from the previous three years. Last year I was dressed as a ghost, and I kinda liked my costume/outfit. Still haven’t figured out what I’m going to be this Halloween. Have guys found your costume? And what are you gonna do for Halloween?
Saline Simon

Vampire costume inspiration.

October 3, 2011
Okay, so I’m thinking about doing these costume inspiration post until Halloween? What do you guys think? Anyway, this is some ideas for vampire costumes. I hate just going into a shop and buy a complete costume, putting things together yourself is so much more fun and I’ve been thinking about being a vampire for halloween for years. I want it to be classy, with white skin, blood red lips, laces, diamonds, and sexy black clothes. A romantic, dark vampire. Oh, it could be so much fun! ‘

Ps. Does anyone know how to get rid of the frames here on blogspot? I hate that all my pictures are framed!

Saline Simon

Halloween Month!

October 2, 2011
I realized today that Halloween is this month and now I just cant wait! Like every year! So this month I think I’m gonna  post a lot of Halloween inspired posts and update about it all the time, because I just love it. That much. Oh, this is also my first Halloween og this blog and I just hope to see so many other ideas and all that fun stuff : D Halloween just makes me so happy!