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Food Diary – One week of random meals

November 17, 2013
I often get a lot of questions about what kind of food I eat, so this week I decided to keep a food diary and post random meals. This was actually really funny, so I might do it again if you guys don’t find it totally boring, haha.
Monday afternoon,
one apple, one banana, one orange and a few slices of honeydew sprinkled with vanilla sugar + one tall glass of water.

Tuesday lunch,
I forgot breakfast so I was very hungry when I came home haha. Two pieces of  wholeweat bread with a tiny bit of sour cream on top, lemonpepper, dill and then boiled eggs with a little seasalt too. Also two big slices of honeydew with vanilla on top + one cup of chamomile tea with honey and soymilk, yum!

Wednesday breakfast,
Organic müsli with sliced apples, soymilk and a teaspoon of vanilla (I’ve been obsessed with vanilla this week, but I think it’s because christmas is getting closer)

Thursday breakfast/lunch,
One tall glass of organic strawberry, apple and soymilk smoothie which was so yummy and very filling. I also had one avocado and two thick slices of pineapple.

Friday dinner,
Vegetarian mexican lasagna with loads of spinach, onions, salsa, tomatoes, spices, mornaysauce and enough cheddarcheese to feed a whole family!

Saturday dinner,
Pasta with tofusauce, onions, garlic, chopped chilipepper, canned tomatoes and a ton of different spices. I forgot to take any photos of today since I’m hungover, but I ate some more of this pasta dish when I came home in the morning and after sleeping a few hours, my roomie brought home pizzaaaa! 

So.. Yep. Random meals from this week.
 Any of you guys eat similar stuff?

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