Saline Simon

Day 8. A photo of someone you like, and a song to match your mood.

March 4, 2011
Sorry about only posting my blog challenges lately,
I’ll do better next week!
I really like this remix of Lady Gaga’s new
”Government Hooker”
and i’m in love with Thierry Mugler’s
Autumn/Winter collection.
I am really happy today. 
This week has been amazing.
My hair is almost blond at the moment,
but i don’t know about keeping it,
i really liked having pink hair, so i’m thinking about going pastel pink!
My boyfriend is coming in an hour to spend the weekend with me,
i really miss him. It’s horrible.
 Actually we’re gonna move together soon!


Oh well.. Gotta take a shower before he gets here.
Bye darlings! 

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